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A generic revision of the Funariaceae(Bryophyta:Musci)-1-
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A Handbook of Malesian Mosses. Volume 1
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Forest succession on landslides in the Fiord Ecological Region, southwestern New Zealand
Abstract Primary succession to montane rain forest on the bare slip faces of landslides is described from three variously aged slides with plot and plotless data, 24 years after a previous study, andExpand
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A synopsis of the New Zealand species of Schistidium (Grimmiaceae; Musci), with observations on a little known species of Racomitrium
Abstract A synopsis of the New Zealand representatives of Schistidium is presented, treating S. apocarpum, S. rivulare var. rivulare, and S. rivulare var. subflexifolium stat. et comb. nov. The var.Expand
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The Identity of Tayloria maidenii
Abstract Tayloria maidenii Broth. is known only from the type locality in eastern Australia. Examination of the type material reveals that this taxon belongs neither in the genus Tayloria nor in theExpand
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Hypnobartlettia fontana is an environmental form of Cratoneuropsis relaxa (Bryophyta: Amblystegiaceae)
Abstract The aquatic moss Hypnobartlettia fontana Ochyra was described, and placed in its own family, the Hypnobartlettiaceae, based on material collected at Te Waikoropupuu (“Pupu Springs”), Takaka,Expand
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Rhytidiadelphus squarrosus (Hedw.) Warnst. (Bryophyta, Hylocomiaceae) in Australasia
Rhytidiadelphus squarrosus is reported to be widespread in the South Island of New Zealand and the western region of Tasmania. The habitat is in areas of human activity which supports its status asExpand
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Cygnicollum immersum, a New Genus and Species of Funariaceae from the Cape of Good Hope
Cygnicollum immersum Fife & Magill, gen. & sp. nov., is described and illustrated. The ecology of the new taxon and its relationship within Funari- aceae are also discussed. The dominant trend in theExpand
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A synopsis of the New Zealand representatives of Conostomum (Musci: Bartramiaceae)
Abstract The species of Conostomum (Musci: Bartramiaceae) occurring in New Zealand are reviewed, based primarily on herbarium collections. Three species and one new variety are accepted: ConostomumExpand
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