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Relative efficacy of egg yolk and soya milk-based extenders for cryopreservation (−196°C) of buffalo semen
Aim: The aim was to compare commercially available soybean milk-based extenders, viz. Bioxcell® and Optixcell® (IMV, France) with standard Tris-citrate-fructose-egg yolk-glycerol (TFYG) extender forExpand
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Body temperature around induced estrus in dairy cows.
The overall objective of this study was to study the influence of induced estrus on body temperature, comparing 5 distinct intervals around induced estrus and to determine the diurnal pattern from 4Expand
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Evaluation of different cooling rates, equilibration periods and diluents for effects on deep-freezing, enzyme leakage and fertility of taurine bull spermatozoa
Abstract We studied the effects of 2 diluents (Tris and milk), 4 cooling rates (10°C/30°C to 5°C for 1 or 2 h), 2 equilibration periods (0 and 2 h) and their interactions on the freezability,Expand
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Comparative blood profile of progesterone, metabolites and minerals in anoestrus, suboestrus, repeat breeding and normal cyclic buffaloes
A comparative study on serum profile of progesterone (P4) and metabolites of 37 anoestrus, 10 suboestrus, 53 repeat breeding and 12 normal cyclic buffaloes revealed that the serum P4 wasExpand
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A factorial experiment was conducted to determine the relative efficacy of 2 diluents (Tris and milk), 4 cooling rates (1030 °C to 5 °C; 1 and 2 h each), 2 equilibration periods at 5 °C (0 and 2 h),Expand
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Effect of Various Ovulation Synchronization Protocols on Estrus Response, Conception Rate and Blood Biochemical Profile in Anoestrus Buffaloes
This study evaluated the fertility response and plasma profile of biochemical and mineral constituents in 46 postpartum anoestrus (>90 days) buffaloes treated under field conditions with TriU-B/PRID,Expand
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Endogenous and exogenous progesterone influence body temperature in dairy cows.
Three experiments were conducted to determine the effect of endogenous progesterone (P4) on body temperature comparing lactating, pregnant with lactating, nonpregnant cows, and to study the effect ofExpand
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Comparative evaluation of initially static and motile semen ejaculates from Friesian and Murrah buffalo bulls for physico-morphological, biochemical, enzymatic and mineral constituents of seminal
The occurrence of static ejaculatcs averaged 7.82 and 11.21% based on 115 and 107 collections from 3 Friesian and 3 Murrah bulls respectivelyo. The revivul rate of static ejaculates was significantlyExpand
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