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Mercury and Mars: The role of ionospheric conductivity in the acceleration of magnetospheric particles
Although Mercury and Mars appear to have magnetospheres of comparable size, Mercury's magnetosphere accelerates charged particles, whereas Mars' magnetosphere apparently does not. We propose thatExpand
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Physics of the Jovian Magnetosphere
List of tables Foreword James A. Van Allen Preface 1. Jupiter's magnetic field and magnetosphere Mario H. Acuna, Kenneth W. Behannon and J. E. P. Connerney 2. Ionosphere Darrell F. Strobel and SushilExpand
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Ultraviolet Spectrometer Observations of Neptune and Triton
Results from the occultation of the sun by Neptune imply a temperature of 750 � 150 kelvins in the upper levels of the atmosphere (composed mostly of atomic and molecular hydrogen) and define theExpand
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Configuration of the Jovian magnetosphere
We present a model in which the Jovian magnetosphere is severely inflated by the centrifugal stress of partially-corotating plasma streaming out along field lines from the ionosphere. The model isExpand
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Geomagnetic storm sudden‐commencement rise times
Adopting the view that the sudden commencement of a geomagnetic storm (SC) is the result of the impact on the geomagnetic field of an abrupt solar-plasma front, the form of the SC observed on theExpand
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Some effects of diamagnetic ring currents on Van Allen radiation
The distortion of the geomagnetic field by diamagnetic ring currents (such as the magnetic storm main phase ring current) is calculated quantitatively. It is shown that these distortions causeExpand
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Corotating magnetospheric convection
The longitudinal asymmetry of the Io plasma torus, as predicted by the magnetic-anomaly model and observed by Earth-based optical astronomy, provides a driving mechanism for a corotating convectionExpand
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The Small‐Comet Hypothesis
According to the small-comet hypothesis, small comets strike the Earth approximately 20 times per minute, each small comet nominally containing 100 tons (105 kg) of water-ice. The primaryExpand
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Corotating Birkeland currents in Jupiter's magnetosphere - An Io plasma-torus source
It is proposed that a persistent longitudinally asymmetric pattern of Birkeland (magnetic-field aligned) currents flow between the Jovian ionosphere and the plasma torus that encircles Jupiter nearExpand
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