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Differential effects of aging on transport properties of anterior and posterior human sclera.
The transport properties and composition of 44 pairs of human sclera, 37-91 years were compared. Solute transport, diffusion and partition coefficients of posterior sclera for solutes ranging in massExpand
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Ultrastructural study of the cornea in a bone marrow-transplanted Hurler syndrome patient.
This case report describes a 14-year-old girl with Hurler syndrome, who had received a successful bone marrow-transplant at the age of two. Corneal clouding was present at the time of transplant andExpand
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Macular corneal dystrophy: the macromolecular structure of the stroma observed using electron microscopy and synchrotron X-ray diffraction.
The distribution of sulphated proteoglycans within the stromas of three patients (A,B,C) suffering from macular corneal dystrophy was studied using the specific dye Cuprolinic Blue in a 'criticalExpand
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Ocular Surface Residence Times of Artificial Tear Solutions
Solutions of hydroxypropylmethylcellulose (HPMC) and polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) are widely used as artificial tears. However, their usefulness is limited by the short duration of their effect. DiluteExpand
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Precorneal residence times of sodium hyaluronate solutions studied by quantitative gamma scintigraphy
Sodium hyaluronate solutions have been advocated in the management of a variety of dry-eye states. By virtue of their non-Newtonian rheological properties, formulations exhibiting high zero-shearExpand
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Deposits and proteoglycan changes in primary and recurrent granular dystrophy of the cornea.
OBJECTIVE To investigate the origin and distribution of granular deposits in the corneas of 3 patients with granular dystrophy, 1 of whom had previously received a lamellar keratoplasty in which theExpand
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Macular corneal dystrophy: reduction in both corneal thickness and collagen interfibrillar spacing.
The interfibrillar spacing of collagen fibrils was measured at twenty different positions across a macular dystrophy cornea using synchrotron X-ray diffraction. Unlike previous work of this type theExpand
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The effect of hydration and matrix composition on solute diffusion in rabbit sclera.
There is increasing interest in the possibility for drug delivery into the vitreous humor across the conjunctiva and sclera as an alternative route to the conjunctiva-cornea pathway. As a preliminaryExpand
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Ultrastructural morphology and expression of proteoglycans, βig-h3, tenascin-C, fibrillin-1, and fibronectin in bullous keratopathy
AIMS To investigate the ultrastructural localisation of proteoglycans (PG), βig-h3 (keratoepithelin), tenascin-C (TN-C)), fibrillin, and fibronectin in bullous keratopathy (BK) corneas. METHODS FiveExpand
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Action of drugs on the aqueous flow in man measured by fluorophotometry.
A technique is described for measuring the effect on the aqueous flow rate in man of drugs topically applied to one eye. Fluorescent measurements are taken from the treated and control eyes afterExpand
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