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Prescribing errors on admission to hospital and their potential impact: a mixed-methods study
Although doctors know the importance of obtaining an accurate medication history and checking prescriptions with patients, they often fail to put this into practice, resulting in prescribing errors.
A comparison of the effectiveness of topical tetracycline, benzoyl‐peroxide gel and oral oxytetracycline in the treatment of acne
It is concluded that topical tetracycline is as effective as either 5% benzoyl‐peroxide gel or 250 mg oxytetracy Cline twice daily in the treatment of mild to moderate acne.
Delays and interruptions in the acute medical unit clerking process: an observational study
Interruptions and delays regularly occurred during the admission process in the study hospital which impacts adversely on patient experience and compliance with the recommended 4-h timeframe, further work is required to assess the impact on patient safety.
Challenges in implementing government-directed VTE guidance for medical patients: a mixed methods study
National financial sanctions appear effective in implementing guidance, where other local measures have failed, and principal barriers identified to risk assessment were: involvement of multiple staff in individual admissions; interruptions; lack of policy awareness; time pressure and complexity of tools.
Exploring key risks in the medical admissions process
Observations showed poor medication history taking and prescribing practices, during the study the proportion of items with a prescribing error increased, however the interviews showed that staff did know how to establish an accurate medication history and were aware of the potential problems.
, AJ Challenges in implementing government-directed VTE guidance for medical patients : a mixed methods study
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