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Biomagnification of Trace Elements in the Aquatic Food Web in the Mekong Delta, South Vietnam Using Stable Carbon and Nitrogen Isotope Analysis
The present study revealed that the biomagnification profiles of trace metals differ between crustacean and fishes; concentrations of Mn, Cu, Zn, As, Sr, Mo, Ag, Cd, Sb, Cs, Ba, Tl, and Pb were significantly higher in crustaceans, whereas fishes showed higher concentrations of Cr, Rb, and Hg (trophic level determined by δ15N). Expand
A Review of the Siberian Lamprey, Lethenteron kessleri, in Hokkaido, Japan
The Siberian lamprey is not a subspecies of the parasitic and anadromous Arctic lamprey L. japonicum, but is a different species, L. kessleri. Expand
Genetic divergence, variation and zoogeography of a freshwater goby,Odontobutis obscura
Gene products of 18 allozyme loci from 995 Japanese donko (Odontobutis obscura, a freshwater goby) from 80 localities, were analyzed so as to determine the extent of genetic divergence and variation.Expand
Developmental Characteristics of a Freshwater Goby, Micropercops swinhonis, from Korea
The developmental process of M. swinhonis is quite different from that of the fluvial Odontobutis of the same family, which skips the exogenous feeding larval stage, but is rather similar to that of amphidromous Gobiidae. Expand
Embryonic Development of the Pacific Lamprey, Entosphenus tridentatus
Embryonic development of the Pacific lamprey, Entosphenus tridentatus, from Japan is described, indicating possible specific differences in basic developmental rates in other lampreys. Expand
Paedogobius kimurai , a new genus and species of goby (Teleostei: Gobioidae: Gobiidae) from the west Pacific
This diandric genus is unique among the Gobiidae in having a long rod-shaped pelvis separated posteriorly into distinct left and right halves and no subpelvic process; and the ectopterygoid and quadrate widely separated in the secondary male. Expand
Larval development of a gobiid fish,Odontohutis obscura obscura in comparison with that ofO. o. interrupta and ofO. platycephala
The differences in growth rate, body size at spawning, and the time of completion of the cephalic lateral line system suggest paedomorphosis in the three taxa studied here. Expand
Odontobutis hikimius n. sp.: A New Freshwater Goby from Japan, with a Key to Species of the Genus
The freshwater goby is described based on specimens collected from Shimane Prefecture, Japan and is unique among Odontobutis in having a connection between the transverse and longitudinal sensory papillae rows on the opercle. Expand
A Revision of the Eleotrid Goby Genus Odontobutis in Japan, Korea and China
The genus Odontobutis with obscura as the type species was erected by Bleeker(1874) and used by the following authors:Jordan and Snyder(1901a),Herre (1927),Koumans(1953)and Miyadi et al. (1976) and Nakamura (1963)followed them. Expand