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Disinfection potential of electrolyzed solutions containing sodium chloride at low concentrations.
Although the inactivating potential was decreased by the addition of contaminating protein, recycling of the product or continuous addition of fresh product may restore the complete disinfection against bloodborne pathogens. Expand
Investigation of reactive species using various gas plasmas
In this study, atmospheric nonequilibrium plasmas were generated with six gas species using a multi-gas plasma jet. Singlet oxygen, OH radicals, H radicals, and NO radicals, in reaction with aExpand
Photolysis of Hydrogen Peroxide, an Effective Disinfection System via Hydroxyl Radical Formation
Electron spin resonance spin trapping analysis showed that the amount of hydroxyl radicals produced increased with the irradiation time, and demonstrated that the bactericidal activity of S. mutans in a model biofilm was dependent on the number of hydoxyl radicals generated. Expand
A metabolomics-based approach for predicting stages of chronic kidney disease.
To develop a new index of renal hypofunction, plasma samples were collected from volunteers with and without CKD and metabolite concentrations were assayed by quantitative liquid chromatography/mass spectrometry, and a multivariate regression equation for an inverse of CysC-based eGFR was constructed, able to predict CKD stages with 81.3% accuracy. Expand
Cell viability score (CVS) as a good indicator of critical concentration of benzalkonium chloride for toxicity in cultured ocular surface cell lines.
BAK induced very low cytotoxicity in the cultured ocular cell lines at concentrations of 0.002% or lower, and the concentration-dependency confirmed that the CVS score is useful for expressing drug cytot toxicity in a simple and comprehensive manner. Expand
Exploration of novel predictive markers in rat plasma of the early stages of chronic renal failure
It is found that plasma concentrations of N6-succinyl adenosine, lysophosphatidylethanolamine 20:4, and glycocholic acid were altered, and that these changes during early CKD were more sensitive markers than creatinine concentration, a universal indicator of renal dysfunction. Expand
Virucidal activity of alcohol-based hand rub disinfectants.
Investigation of virucidal activity of commercially available alcohol-based hand rub products against coxsackievirus A7, B5, feline calicivirus F9, and human adenovirus type 3, type 7, type 8 found only the povidone iode-based product showed antiviral activity superior to that of EtOH against all the strains. Expand
Ocular Surface Cytotoxicity and Safety Evaluation of Tafluprost, a Recently Developed Anti-Glaucoma Prostaglandin Analog
In vitro cytotoxicity of tafluprost, which is the most recently developed anti-glaucoma prostaglandin (PG) analog, in ocular surface cells is addressed in comparison with other PG analogs and it is suggested that taf luprost may even reduce the cytotoxic effect of BAK. Expand
[Cytotoxic effect and influence of povidone-iodine on wounds in guinea pig].
More detailed clinical testing is necessary in determine where sterilization to wounds/mucosa/eyes with solutions containing additive is a suitable panpractice or not, as well as the influence of surfactants added to the povidone-iodine. Expand
[Bactericidal effect of acidic electrolyzed water--comparison of chemical acidic sodium hydrochloride (NaOCl) solution].
  • A. Iwasawa, Y. Nakamura
  • Chemistry, Medicine
  • Kansenshogaku zasshi. The Journal of the Japanese…
  • 1 September 1996
Results indicated that newly made strong acidic water is more effective under a smaller amount of chloride at pH 2.7, and that weak acidic electrolyzed water should be used, if stable bactericidal effect is expected in cleaning the surroundings. Expand