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Azimuthal modulation of the event rate of cosmic-ray extensive air showers by the geomagnetic field
The effect of the Earth’s magnetic field on the azimuthal distribution of the number of extensive air showers is measured using data obtained from many years of observations at the Yakutsk array. AExpand
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Search for anisotropy in arrival directions of ultrahigh-energy cosmic rays by using the marr wavelet on the equatorial sphere
The arrival direction distribution of cosmic rays for energies E>1018 eV detected at the Yakutsk EAS array is analyzed using the Marr wavelet. Deviation from the isotropic distribution of 361 showersExpand
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Estimation of cosmic-ray energy on the basis of measurements of EAS parameters associated with the energy of the electron-photon component
In the present study, we calculate the energy balance of EAS components for models of the CR cascade development in the atmosphere. These models have a strongly distinguished set of the particle’sExpand
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Solidification of a ternary melt from a cooled boundary, or nonlinear dynamics of mushy layers
We present a mathematical model and its analytical solution describing directional solidification of a ternary (three-component) system cooled from below. We focus on the solidification theory in theExpand
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The Stefan problem of solidification of ternary systems in the presence of moving phase transition regions
The process of solidification of ternary systems in the presence of moving phase transition regions has been investigated theoretically in terms of the nonlinear equation of the liquidus surface. AExpand
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Nonlinear dynamics of directional solidification of ternary solutions with mushy layers
We present new analytic results relating to the nonstationary dynamics of Stefan-type problems for the unidirectional solidification of ternary solutions in the presence of two mushy layers. ExplicitExpand
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Self-Similar Solidification of Binary Alloys
The self-similar crystallization process of a binary mixture from a cooled boundary is studied on the basis of two models with a planar front and mushy layer. Approximate analytical solutions of theExpand
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Experimental errors of measurements of vertical geomagnetic gradients in the stratosphere
The errors of measurements of vertical geomagnetic gradients at altitudes of 20–40 km, using a balloon magnetic gradiometer with a 6-km-long measuring base oriented along gravity, have been studiedExpand
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Stable absolutely ubiquitous structures
It is proved that absolutely ubiquitous structures with trivial algebraic closures are monadically stable. Let L be a finite language, and let M be an L-structure with countably infinite domain. TheExpand
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Upper critical field in electron-doped cuprate superconductor Nd2−xCexCuO4+δ: Two-gap model
AbstractWe present resistivity measurements of the upper critical field (H c2 ) phasediagram as a function of temperature (T) for Nd 1.85 Ce 0.15 CuO 4+δ /SrTiO 3 single crystal films with differentExpand
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