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Moderating Effect of Management Support on the Relationship Between HR Practices and Employee Performance in Nigeria
Given that management support and decisions do influence all the aspects of organization, this study investigates moderating effect of management support on the relationship between recruitment and
Aligning Malaysian SMEs with the Megatrends: The Roles of HPWPs and Employee Creativity in Enhancing Malaysian SME Performance
Leveraging the findings of the extant body of literature, small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in Malaysia, like any other country of the world, are central to economic development, industrial
Entrepreneurial Network towards Small Firm Performance through Dynamic Capabilities: The Conceptual Perspective
A conceptual framework in examining the mediating role of dynamic capabilities on the relationship between entrepreneurial network and small firm performance is proposed and it means the stronger entrepreneurial network will lead to develop dynamic capabilities, which will ultimately cause the higher firm performance.
Employee Learning Theories and Their Organizational Applications
Empirical evidence identifies that organizational success hinges on employees with the required knowledge, skills, and abilities and that employees’ effectiveness at learning new skills and knowledge
Management support as a moderator in the HR practices employee performance relationship
There seems an inconsistency in the findings regarding the HRM-performance relationship. While numerous HRM studies have signified positive effect of HR practices on employee performance, some other
Going Intellectually Green: Exploring the Nexus between Green Intellectual Capital, Environmental Responsibility, and Environmental Concern towards Environmental Performance
In the workplace, green prospects are gaining much importance these days, although not much is known about the green intellectual capital and its contribution towards pro-environment behavior and
Meaningful Work and COVID-19: A Way Forward through LDW Model
The authors in the current paper objected to presenting a simple and actionable model for businesses to respond to the growing concern of employees` lost meaningfulness during the COVID-19. The study