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A Master Equation for Gravitational Perturbations of Maximally Symmetric Black Holes in Higher Dimensions
We show that in four or more spacetime dimensions, the Einstein equations for gravitational perturbations of maximally symmetric vacuum black holes can be reduced to a single second-order waveExpand
Master Equations for Perturbations of Generalised Static Black Holes with Charge in Higher Dimensions
We extend the formulation for perturbations of maximally symmetric black holes in higher dimensions developed by the present authors in a previous paper to a charged black hole background whoseExpand
Dynamics in non-globally-hyperbolic static spacetimes: III. Anti-de Sitter spacetime
In recent years, there has been considerable interest in theories formulated in anti-de Sitter (AdS) spacetime. However, AdS spacetime fails to be globally hyperbolic, so a classical field satisfyingExpand
Brane world cosmology: Gauge invariant formalism for perturbation
In the present paper the gauge-invariant formalism is developed for perturbations of the brane-world model in which our universe is realized as a boundary of a higher-dimensional spacetime. For theExpand
Stability of Higher-Dimensional Schwarzschild Black Holes
We investigate the classical stability of higher-dimensional Schwarzschild black holes with respect to linear perturbations in the framework of a gauge-invariant formalism for gravitationalExpand
A Higher Dimensional Stationary Rotating Black Hole Must be Axisymmetric
A key result in the proof of black hole uniqueness in 4-dimensions is that a stationary black hole that is “rotating”—i.e., is such that the stationary Killing field is not everywhere normal to theExpand
Comparison between various notions of conserved charges in asymptotically AdS spacetimes
We derive Hamiltonian generators of asymptotic symmetries for general relativity with asymptotic AdS boundary conditions using the 'covariant phase space' method of Wald et al. We then compare ourExpand
Asymptotic flatness and Bondi energy in higher dimensional gravity
We give a general geometric definition of asymptotic flatness at null infinity in d-dimensional general relativity (d even) within the framework of conformal infinity. Our definition is arrived atExpand
Perturbations of slowly rotating black holes: massive vector fields in the Kerr metric
We discuss a general method to study linear perturbations of slowly rotating black holes which is valid for any perturbation field, and particularly advantageous when the field equations are notExpand