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Effect of conventional vs. No-tillage on pesticide leaching to shallow groundwater
Atrazine was found in groundwater all year, while cyanazine, alachlor, and carbofuran were present only for a short period (<3 mo) after pesticide application. Fairly constant background levels ofExpand
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Impact of tillage practice on runoff and pesticide transport
ABSTRACT: A two-year study was conducted to evaluate the effect of no-till (NT) and conventional-till (a corn production practices on pesticide loss in runoff from natural rainfall. Runoff from twoExpand
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Influence of hairy vetch residue on atrazine and metolachlor soil solution concentration and weed emergence
Abstract High levels of cover-crop residue can suppress weed emergence and also can intercept preemergence herbicides and potentially reduce their effectiveness. This research was conducted inExpand
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Atrazine and simazine movement to Wye River estuary
La quantite totale d'herbicide atteignant l'estuaire depend de la quantite d'herbicide utilisee dans le bassin et de la duree du ruissellement par rapport aux dates d'application de l'herbicide
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ABSTRACT A three-year field study was initiated in 1986 to determine the impact of tillage practice, mode of pesticide application, and pesticide formulation on chemical transport The 1.28-ha fieldExpand
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Behavior of trifluralin in aquatic model ecosystems
ConclusionsThese data illustrate the variation that can be obtained when using different model ecosystem designs in studying the behavior of pesticides in the aquatic ecosystem. These differencesExpand
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Persistence and leaching of atrazine, alachlor, and cyanazine under no-tillage practices
Abstract Soil residues of atrazine, alachlor, and cyanazine were measured in no-till corn plots that had received annual herbicide applications from 1981–1985. Treatments were as paired combinationsExpand
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Long-term effect of thj.age and rainfall on herbicide leaching to shallow groundwater
The interaction of conventional tillage (CT) and no-tillage (NT) crop production practices with rainfall on the movement of three herbicides into shallow groundwater was evaluated over 4 yr.Expand
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