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Exact string black hole behind the hadronic Rindler horizon
The recently suggested interpretation P. Castorina, D. Kharzeev, and H. Satz, [Eur. Phys. J. C 52, 187 (2007).] of the universal hadronic freeze-out temperature ${T}_{f}$
Quantum field theory in curved graphene spacetimes, Lobachevsky geometry, Weyl symmetry, Hawking effect, and all that
The solutions of many issues, of the ongoing eorts to make deformed graphene a tabletop quantum eld theory in curved spacetimes, are presented. A detailed explanation of the special features of
Curved Spacetimes and Curved Graphene: a status report of the Weyl-symmetry approach
This is a status report about the ongoing work on the realization of quantum field theory on curved graphene spacetimes that uses Weyl symmetry. The programme is actively pursued from many different
Hadron Freeze-Out and Unruh Radiation
In this paper, we consider hadron production in high energy collisions as an Unruh radiation phenomenon. This mechanism describes the production pattern of newly formed hadrons and is directly