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Considerations on the lactate consumption by CHO cells in the presence of galactose.
A CHO cell line producing t-PA was cultured using glutamate and glucose or galactose to decrease the formation of metabolic end-products and therefore improving the process. In batch cultures usingExpand
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Peptide synthesis: chemical or enzymatic
Chemical and enzymatic synthesis of peptides with proteolytic enzymes for large-scale synthesis . Expand
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Enzyme biocatalysis : principles and applications
1. Introduction (Andres Illanes) 2. Enzyme Production (Andres Illanes) 3. Homogeneous Enzyme Kinetics (Andres Illanes, Claudia Altamirano, Lorena Wilson) 4. Heterogeneous Enzyme Kinetics (AndresExpand
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Recent trends in biocatalysis engineering.
During the last 30 years the scope of biocatalysis has been expanding due to the advances in several technological fields. Diverse techniques as structural enzyme improvement (e.g. proteinExpand
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Analysis of CHO Cells Metabolic Redistribution in a Glutamate‐Based Defined Medium in Continuous Culture
The effect of glutamine replacement by glutamate and the balance between glutamate and glucose metabolism on the redistribution of t‐PA‐producing recombinant CHO cells metabolism is studied in aExpand
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Strategies for fed-batch cultivation of t-PA producing CHO cells: substitution of glucose and glutamine and rational design of culture medium.
A strategy for fed-batch cultivation of t-PA producing recombinant CHO cells is presented, based on the substitution of glucose and glutamine for slowly metabolized nutrients and in a rational designExpand
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Determination of the transgalactosylation activity of Aspergillus oryzae β-galactosidase: effect of pH, temperature, and galactose and glucose concentrations.
The catalytic potential of β-galactosidase is usually determined by its hydrolytic activity over natural or synthetic substrates. However, this method poorly predicts enzyme behavior whenExpand
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Isolation and partial purification of a metabolite from a mutant strain of Bacillus sp. with antibiotic activity against plant pathogenic agents
EJB Electronic Journal of Biotechnology ISSN: 0717-3458 Vol.5 No.1, Issue of April 15, 2002© 2002 by Universidad Catolica de Valparaiso -- Chile Received November 15, 2001 / Accepted April 3, 2002
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Encapsulation of crosslinked penicillin G acylase aggregates in lentikats: Evaluation of a novel biocatalyst in organic media
The encapsulation of crosslinked enzyme aggregates (CLEA) of penicillin G acylase into a very rigid polymeric matrix based on polyvinyl alcohol (LentiKats) has been used successfully to improve theExpand
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Heterofunctional hydrophilic-hydrophobic porous silica as support for multipoint covalent immobilization of lipases: application to lactulose palmitate synthesis.
Lipase-catalyzed synthesis of sugar esters, as lactulose palmitate, requires harsh conditions, making it necessary to immobilize the enzyme. Therefore, a study was conducted to evaluate the effect ofExpand
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