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The Internet of Things: A survey
This paper addresses the Internet of Things. Main enabling factor of this promising paradigm is the integration of several technologies and communications solutions. Identification and trackingExpand
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The Social Internet of Things (SIoT) - When social networks meet the Internet of Things: Concept, architecture and network characterization
We identify appropriate policies for the establishment and the management of social relationships between objects in such a way that the resulting social network is navigable; we describe a possible architecture for the IoT that includes the functionalities required to integrate things into a social network. Expand
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LTE for vehicular networking: a survey
A wide variety of applications for road safety and traffic efficiency are intended to answer the urgent call for smarter, greener, and safer mobility. Expand
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SIoT: Giving a Social Structure to the Internet of Things
We introduce a novel paradigm of "social network of intelligent objects", namely the Social Internet of Things, based on the notion of social relationships among objects. Expand
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From "smart objects" to "social objects": The next evolutionary step of the internet of things
Social networking concepts have been applied to several communication network settings, which span from delay-tolerant to peer-to-peer networks. Expand
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Information-centric networking for the internet of things: challenges and opportunities
In view of evolving the Internet infrastructure, ICN is promoting a communication model that is fundamentally different from the traditional IP address-centric model. Expand
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Understanding the Internet of Things: definition, potentials, and societal role of a fast evolving paradigm
This paper presents the evolutionary stages, i.e., generations, that have characterized the development of IoT, along with the motivations of their triggering. Expand
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A subjective model for trustworthiness evaluation in the social Internet of Things
We define a subjective model for the management of trustworthiness which builds upon the solutions proposed for P2P networks. Expand
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Named data networking for IoT: An architectural perspective
The Named Data Networking (NDN) project is emerging as one of the most promising information-centric future Internet architectures. Expand
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5G Network Slicing for Vehicle-to-Everything Services
We present our vision on the design of 5G network slice(s) customized for vehicle-to-everything services, which involve vehicles exchanging data with each other, with the infrastructure and any communicating entity for improved transport fluidity, safety, and comfort on the road. Expand
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