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DEMO design activity in Europe: Progress and updates
This paper describes the progress of the DEMO Design Activities in Europe and particularly the work done to address critical design integration issues that affect the machine configuration and performance, the plant concept layout and the selection of system design and technologies. Expand
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Tritium modelling in HCPB breeder blanket at a system level
Abstract Tritium behavior in a DEMO reactor is a key design issue because of its self-sufficiency and impact on safety. Considering the difficulty in handling tritium, and that the transport,Expand
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Availability simulation software adaptation to the IFMIF accelerator facility RAMI analyses
AvailSim, the availability simulation software used for the International Linear Collider (ILC) became an excellent option to fulfill RAMI analyses needs. Expand
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TechnoFusión, a relevant facility for fusion technologies: The remote handling area
This paper summarizes a review of the different facilities to be included in TechnoFusion, with special emphasis on those proposed for remote handling (RH) applications. Expand
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RAMI Optimization-Oriented Design For The LIPAc RF Power System
The Linear IFMIF Prototype Accelerator (LIPAc) is currently under construction in Rokkasho (Japan). LIPAc will generate a continuous wave (CW) 9 MeV deuteron beam at 125 mA. It will serve to validateExpand
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Availability, reliability and logistic support studies of the RF power system design options for the IFMIF accelerator
We use RAMI (Reliability, Availability, Maintainability and Inspectionability) analysis in the solid state amplifier design, and compare the availability, reliability and logistic performances for both alternatives. Expand
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The remote handling system of IFMIF-DONES
An overview on status of the design of the main robotic systems and tooling of the RHS of IFMIF-DONES, including design requirements, functions and maintenance tasks to be performed, is given. Expand
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EPICS based low-level radio frequency control system in LIPAc
We present a low-level radio frequency (LLRF) power system of IFMIF–EVEDA linear accelerator to validate the technical options of the accelerator design for IFMif. Expand
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IFMIF specifications from the users point of view
This paper summarizes the proposals and findings of the IFMIF Specification Working Group established to update the users requirements and top level specifications for the facility. Expand
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IFMIF accelerator: Database, FMEA, fault tree and RAM
A reliability, availability and maintainability analysis of the international fusion materials irradiation facility (IFMIF). Expand
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