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Both Ca2+ and Zn2+ are essential for S100A12 protein oligomerization and function
The present work highlighted the potential role of calcium-binding S100 proteins in zinc metabolism and, in particular, the role of S100A12 in the cross talk between zinc and calcium in cell signaling. Expand
Imaging nanometer domains of β-adrenergic receptor complexes on the surface of cardiac myocytes
For the first time, the ability of near-field scanning optical microscopy to visualize β-adrenergic receptors at the nanoscale in situ is demonstrated and a lower limit for the number of receptors in the signalosome is established. Expand
Steady-State and Transient Ultraviolet Resonance Raman Spectrometer for the 193–270 nm Spectral Region
A new charge-coupled device (CCD) camera that responds efficiently to UV light, as opposed to the previous CCD and photodiode detectors, which required intensifiers for detecting UV light. Expand
Improved detection limits of protein optical fiber biosensors coated with gold nanoparticles.
A novel arrangement of fiber-optic biosensors based on a tilted fiber Bragg grating coated with noble metal nanoparticles, either gold nanocages or gold nanospheres, demonstrates increased specificity and lowered detection limits for the target protein than a reference sensor without gold nanoparticles. Expand
Near-field scanning fluorescence microscopy study of ion channel clusters in cardiac myocyte membranes.
The ability to quantitatively measure small clusters of ion channels will facilitate future studies that examine changes in protein localization in stimulated cells and during cardiac development and illustrates the potential of NSOM for studying membrane domains and protein localization/colocalization on a length scale which exceeds that available with optical microscopy. Expand
Ganglioside partitioning and aggregation in phase-separated monolayers characterized by bodipy GM1 monomer/dimer emission.
The results demonstrate the complexity of GM1 partitioning and illustrate the utility of complementary AFM and high spatial resolution two-color fluorescence experiments for understanding Bodipy GM1 aggregation and distribution. Expand
Near‐field scanning optical microscopy probes: a comparison of pulled and double‐etched bent NSOM probes for fluorescence imaging of biological samples
The images obtained with the double‐etched probes show excellent spatial resolution and signal/noise, illustrating the potential of such probes for imaging of biological samples. Expand
UV resonance Raman study of the spatial dependence of α-helix unfolding
We used ultraviolet resonance Raman (UVRR) spectra to examine the spatial dependence and the thermodynamics of α-helix melting of an isotopically labeled α-helical, 21-residue, mainly alanineExpand
Investigating the effects of L- to D-amino acid substitution and deamidation on the activity and membrane interactions of antimicrobial peptide anoplin.
The results suggest that amidated forms of peptides are likely to possess higher membrane binding affinity due to the increased charge and membrane lytic activity of all derivatives was found to depend strongly on membrane composition and lipid/peptide ratio. Expand
Phase Separation in Supported Phospholipid Bilayers Visualized by Near-Field Scanning Optical Microscopy in Aqueous Solution
An experimental approach for near-field scanning optical microscopy (NSOM) of biological samples in an aqueous environment with a resolution of <100 nm has been developed. This was accomplished byExpand