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Effects of silymarin (hepatoprotector) and succinic acid (bioenergy regulator) on metabolic disorders in experimental diabetes mellitus
Silymarin (70 mg/kg) and succinic acid (50 mg/kg) reduce blood glucose and cholesterol concentrations, inhibit LPO, and correct oxidative phosphorylation disturbances in liver mitochondria inExpand
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Maksar: A preparation based on Amur maackia
In recent years, specialists of the Pacific-Ocean Instituteof Bioorganic Chemistry (Vladivostok) have performed anextensive search for natural antioxidants among medicinalplants of Far-Eastern flora.Expand
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[Influence of neuroprotectors with choline-positive action on the level of brain-injury markers during acute ischemic stroke].
Choline-positive neuroprotectors citicoline and choline alfoscerate decreased blood concentration of protein S100 in clinical trial on 52 patients in the first days after acute ischemic stroke.Expand
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Experimental models of Reye's syndrome
Intraperitoneal administration of 4-pentenoic acid (20 mg/kg/day for seven days or ten doses of 50 mg/kg with 4 h intervals) or acetylsalicylic acid (50 mg/kg 1 hour after single pyrogenal injection)Expand
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[Enteric sorbents potentiate hepatoprotective effect of eplir in experimental toxic hepatitis].
The administration of eplir (a phospholipid-containing hepatoprotector), as well as of the enterosorbents polyphepan and EST-1 (an agent obtained from dry peat extract), to rats withExpand
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[Structural and metabolic disorders in the heart, liver and kidneys in adjuvant disease].
Histochemical changes in the heart, liver and kidneys and ultrastructural disorders in cardiomyocytes were studied in 40 white rats with adjuvant disease. Mucoid lesions, hydropyc dystrophy andExpand
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Effect of polyphenol-containing hepatoprotectors on the experimental chronic hepatitis pattern
Chronic hepatitis and cirrhosis cases are treated with hepatoprotective drugs preventing patients from developing metabolic, functional, and structural disorder in hepatocytes [ 1]. However, theExpand
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[The effect of hepatotoxins on the activity of organelle-specific enzymes and metabolism of liver lipids].
Release of lysosomal hydrolases (including phospholipase A), increase in content of lysophosphatidyl choline and cardiolipin and decrease in content of phosphatidyl choline and phosphatidylExpand
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Liver Damages during Experimental Acute Pancreatitis
Acute pancreatitis in rats caused by cooling of the pancreas with chloroethyl is characterized by the development of focal necrosis and activation of lipid peroxidation in the liver, activation ofExpand
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[The influence of antihypertensive agents on plasmatic and vascular-thrombocytic homeostasis in metabolic syndrome].
The combined therapy with enalapril and prolonged-release verapamil, as well as with enalapril and moxonidine significantly increases the level of antiatherogenic high-density-lipoproteinExpand
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