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[Mechanism of the anti-arrhythmia action of potassium and magnesium nicotinates].
The studies on the drug distribution in the tissues indicate that the content of potassium, magnesium and total coenzymatic forms of nicotinic acid rises in the myocardium by the 12th hour from the commencement of the drug administration. Expand
[Comparative evaluation of cardiotropic effects of nicamag, panangin and asparkam].
A beneficial effect of the drug on carbohydrate, energy and electrolyte metabolism in the myocardium was discovered to underlie the therapeutic effect of nicamag. Expand
[Search for and study of biologically active substances with psychotropic activity among the N-nicotinoyl derivatives of glutamic and gamma-aminobutyric acids].
Four new derivatives of glutamic and gamma-aminobutyric acids influencing the central nervous system were produced, referring to the substances of the sedating tranquilizing type without the myorelaxant component. Expand