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On the stability of the ionopause of Venus
We examine the stability of the Venus ionopause in light of the importance of gravitation and curvature. Using a one fluid approximation for the equation of motion of the plasma, and ignoring theExpand
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Nonlinear stability of the dayside cometary ionopause
The MHD stability of the cometary ionopause is investigated by nonlinear analysis, describing that stability in terms of the finite perturbation amplitude of both Kelvin-Helmholtz and Rayleigh-TaylorExpand
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Kelvin-Helmholtz instability in type-1 comet tails and associated phenomena
Selected problems of the solar wind — comet tail coupling that are currently accessible to quantitative analysis are reviewed. The model of a comet tail as a plasma cylinder separated by a tangentialExpand
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Plasma density in the outer Jovian magnetosphere
We assume that the dipole wobble excites Alfven waves which propagate outward along the field lines. The plasma density in the outer Jovian magnetosphere is derived from the amplitude of such diurnalExpand
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Injection of solar wind particles into the magnetosphere in the neighbourhood of a neutral point
Abstract As a result of the interaction of the solar wind with the geomagnetic field, on the noon boundary of the Earth's magnetosphere, high-latitude neutral points are formed in whose neighbourhoodExpand
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Cosmic ray albedo neutron spectrum at relativistic energies
The omnidirectional spectrum of the cosmic ray albedo neutrons at relativistic energies has been estimated from the geometrical considerations. Since angular distribution of the albedo neutron fluxExpand
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