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Power Electronic Converters Modeling and Control: with Case Studies
Modern power electronic converters are involved in a very broad spectrum of applications: switched-mode power supplies, electrical-machine-motion-control, active power filters, distributed powerExpand
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Frequency-separation-based energy management control strategy of power flows within electric vehicles using ultracapacitors
This paper deals with a frequency-based energy sharing method between batteries and ultracapacitors (UC) as power sources within an electric vehicle (EV). Expand
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Adaptive frequency-separation-based energy management system for electric vehicles
This paper deals with an adaptive frequency-based power sharing method between batteries and ultracapacitors (UC) as power sources within an electric vehicle. An adaptive frequency splitter is usedExpand
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Management and Control of Operating Regimes of Cross-Flow Water Turbines
This paper deals with a generation system based on cross-flow water turbines (CFWTs) operating in a river stream. Expand
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Results concerning ultracapacitor-based energy management strategy within electric vehicles
A frequency splitter is used in the DC-link voltage regulation system for routing the low-frequency content of power demand into the battery and its high frequencies into the UC system, taking profit from the UC as a peak power unit. Expand
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Energy Management System within Electric Vehicles Using Ultracapacitors: An LQG-optimal-control-based Solution
Abstract This paper proposes a frequency-separation-based energy management inside of electric vehicles using ultracapacitors as high-energy-density auxiliary power sources. The power sources areExpand
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Variable-Structure Control of Power Electronic Converters
Variable-structure control is justified by the necessity of robustly controlling systems whose structure switches between several configurations. Expand
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Hardware-in-the-loop simulation applied to protection devices testing
Circuit breakers are ubiquitous elements used for ensuring safe operation of low-voltage power systems. Nowadays the loads supplied by the power systems migrate towards exhibiting significant strongExpand
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Wind turbulence used as searching signal for MPPT in variable-speed wind energy conversion systems
The control problem associated to a class of horizontal-axis fixed-pitch variable-speed low-power wind energy conversion systems, working in the partial load region, consisting in the energyExpand
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Abstract This paper presents a two loop optimal control structure for variable speed fixed pitch horizontal axis wind turbines (HAWT) having flexible drive trains. That structure, formed by a lowExpand
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