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WNT signaling affects gene expression in the ventral diencephalon and pituitary gland growth
We examined the role of WNT signaling in pituitary development by characterizing the pituitary phenotype of three WNT knockout mice and assessing the expression of WNT pathway components. Wnt5aExpand
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Why hummingbirds have such large crops
SummaryMale Anna's Hummingbirds (Calypte anna) defend territories that contain a predictable food source, floral nectar. For such a hummingbird, the meal size that maximizes long-term net energyExpand
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First-person research
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A Description of the Molar Teeth and Investing Tissues of Normal Guinea Pigs
  • A. Hunt
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  • Journal of dental research
  • 1 March 1959
fHE unique arrangement of the tissues of the molar teeth and supporting tissues of the guinea pig afford investigators an opportunity to study several types of epithelial and connective tissuesExpand
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The role of cells of the stratum intermedium in the development of the guinea pig molar. A study of cell differentiation and migration using tritiated thymidine.
Abstract The histodifferentiation and migration of cells of the stratum intermedium in the enamel organ of the guinea pig molar was traced by using tritiated thymidine. These cells gave rise to theExpand
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Collagenolytic activity in oral tissues.
Abstract Live and frozen-thawed explants of guinea pig oral tissue and human gingival tissue were assayed for collagenolytic activity in tissue cultures containing a nutrient medium in a gel ofExpand
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Abstract Molar tooth development has been studied in the rat using reconstructions of developing upper first molars, and autoradiographs of teeth from animals injected with tritium-labelledExpand
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The Effects of Ascorbic Acid Deficiency on the Teeth and Periodontal Tissues of Guinea Pigs
M ICROSCOPIC alterations of teeth and jaws resulting from an ascorbic acid deficiency in guinea pigs have been reported in the literature, although the reports are not in complete agreement as to theExpand
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