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Claw health and prevalence of lameness in cows from compost bedded and cubicle freestall dairy barns in Austria.
Claw health and lameness data from five dairies with compost bedded barns (n = 201 data sets) were evaluated and compared with data from five dairy herds housed in freestall cubicle barns (n = 297Expand
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Aspects of lameness in pasture based dairy systems.
Pasture-based dairy systems are implemented all over the world. Access to pasture is perceived to be advantageous for animal welfare in western societies. However, the benefits of grazing on lamenessExpand
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Abomasal and Third Compartment Ulcers in Ruminants and South American Camelids.
  • A. Hund, T. Wittek
  • Medicine
  • The Veterinary clinics of North America. Food…
  • 1 December 2017
Abomasal ulcers are frequent incidental findings in necropsies of domestic ruminants and South American Camelids (SAC) or in slaughter animals and are a frequent cause of death in the most affectedExpand
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A two year BTV-8 vaccination follow up: molecular diagnostics and assessment of humoral and cellular immune reactions.
The compulsory vaccination campaign against Bluetongue virus serotype eight (BTV-8) in Germany was exercised in the state of Bavaria using three commercial monovalent inactivated vaccines givenExpand
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Global Wheat Head Detection (GWHD) dataset: a large and diverse dataset of high resolution RGB labelled images to develop and benchmark wheat head detection methods
We have built a large, diverse and well-labelled dataset, the Global Wheat Head detection (GWHD) dataset. Expand
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[Abomasal ulcers in cattle].
  • A. Hund, T. Wittek
  • Medicine
  • Tierarztliche Praxis. Ausgabe G, Grosstiere…
  • 29 March 2017
Abomasal ulcers lead to several problems. They cause pain resulting in a decrease in productivity and even the possible loss of the animal. Because they are frequently difficult to diagnose,Expand
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Abomasal ulcers in slaughtered cattle in Austria.
OBJECTIVE In this preliminary study, the prevalence of abomasal ulcers in cattle in Austria was evaluated for the first time. Furthermore, possible management factors contributing to the formation ofExpand
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Characterization of mucosa-associated bacterial communities in abomasal ulcers by pyrosequencing.
Abomasal ulcers are important pathological alterations of the gastrointestinal tract in cattle and are exceptionally hard to diagnose in vivo. The microbiome of the abomasum in cattle with or withoutExpand
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Septic Tenosynovitis of the Digital Flexor Tendon Sheath in 83 Cattle
Simple Summary Lameness is an ongoing challenge for the cattle industry because it affects the wellbeing and productivity of the animals. Lameness is mostly caused by claw disorders; however,Expand
Coaching im Kontext der strategischen Personalentwicklung am Karlsruher Institut für Technologie
Am Karlsruher Institut fur Technologie (KIT) werden - ausgehend vom Ansatz der lernenden Organisation - strategische und qualitatssichernde Masnahmen der Personalentwicklung entwickelt, in dieExpand