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Muslim Identities: An Introduction to Islam
PrefaceAcknowledgmentsIntroduction: Religious Studies and the Academic Study of IslamPart I. Origins1. Setting the Stage: Pre-Islamic Arabia2. The Making of the Last Prophet3. The Quran: The Base
Mapping constructions of Islamic space in North America: A frame-work for further inquiry
This study seeks to begin the process of articulating a new understanding of conceptualizing Islam in North America. Unlike previous studies that examine North American Islam from the perspectives of
Imagining the divine: Ghazali on imagination, dreams, and dreaming
This study presents a phenomenological analysis of Ghazali’s discussion of dreams and dream discourse as it specifically relates to the faculty of the imagination. The imagination is an important,
Eugene B. Borowitz
Eugene B. Borowitz is a rabbi, teacher of rabbis, an educator, a theologian, and an important spokesperson for non-Orthodox forms of Judaism, Reform Judaism in particular. Rethinking God and Ethics
The Soul In Jewish Neoplatonism: A Case Study Of Abraham Ibn Ezra And Judah Halevi
The universalism of Abraham ibn Ezra and the particularism of Judah Halevi, thus, represent two strands of Jewish existence that continue into the present. After giving brief biographical sketches of
Abrahamic Religions: On the Uses and Abuses of History
Introduction Chapter One: What Are"Abrahamic Religions"? Chapter Two: My Abraham is Better than Yours Chapter Three: From Supersessionism to Ecumenicism Chapter Four: Modern Usage Chapter Five: On