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Reference resistance indices of the umbilical, fetal middle cerebral and uterine arteries at 24–42 weeks of gestation
The objective of this cross‐sectional study was to construct new reference ranges for Doppler flow velocity waveform resistance indices for the fetal umbilical artery, middle cerebral artery,
Using fasting plasma glucose concentrations to screen for gestational diabetes mellitus: prospective population based study.
Measuring fasting plasma glucose concentrations using a cut off value of >/=4.8 mmol/l is an easier screening procedure for gestational diabetes than the 50 g glucose challenge test and allows 70% of women to avoid the challenge test.
Gustatory and olfactory function in the first trimester of pregnancy.
The data do not support the hypothesis of a generalized increase in chemosensitivity in early pregnancy and appear to support adaptive changes of the olfactory system, which appears to retreat to allow a greater intake of electrolytes and a more widely sourced diet.
Acute polyhydramnios complicating twin pregnancies.
Bed rest, tocolysis and recurrent amniocenteses seem to have a positive influence on the prolongation and outcome of the gestation in acute polyhydramnios.
rh‐Erythropoietin stimulates immature reticulocyte release in man
The data suggests thatrhEPO triggers premature expulsion of immature reticulocytes from the bone marrow into the circulation independent of its effect in stimulating erythropoiesis and that rhEPO has an effect on serum ferritin concentration which in this dynamic situation is dependent not only on the iron stores.
Excretion of low molecular weight heparin in human milk.
It appears highly unlikely that puerperal thromboprophylaxis with LMWH has any clinically relevant effect on the nursing infant.
Fetal ultrasound biometry: 1. Head reference values
Objective To create reliable reference ranges and calculate Z scores for fetal head ultrasound biometry using a large sample size which is evenly distributed from 12 to 42 weeks of pregnancy.
Dandy–Walker malformation: prenatal diagnosis and outcome
Ultrasound diagnosis of DWM is accurate and is an indication for exhaustive screening for concurrent anomalies both within and outside the CNS and in chromosome structure and number, as the prognosis is heavily dependent on associated malformations and karyotype.
Parenteral iron therapy in obstetrics: 8 years experience with iron-sucrose complex.
By using parenteral Fe-sucrose in cases of severe Fe deficiency, anaemia during pregnancy is treated efficiently and safely according to the results and rate of blood transfusion could be reduced considerably to below 1 % of patients per year.
Reference values of fetal peak systolic blood flow velocity in the middle cerebral artery at 19–40 weeks of gestation
The objectives of this prospective study were to establish new reference values of peak systolic blood flow velocity measurement in the fetal middle cerebral artery and to develop a method to calculate Z‐scores of MCA‐PSV.