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The behavioural ecology of personality: consistent individual differences from an adaptive perspective
Individual humans, and members of diverse other species, show consistent differences in aggressiveness, shyness, sociability and activity. Such intraspecific differences in behaviour have been widelyExpand
Incorporating rules for responding into evolutionary games
It is argued that most two-player games should be modelled as involving a series of interactions in which opponents negotiate the final outcome, and the evolutionarily stable negotiation rule of each player is the best rule given the rule of its opponent. Expand
General results concerning the trade-off between gaining energy and avoiding predation
When animals can choose from a range of feeding options, often those options with a higher energetic gain carry a higher risk of predation. This paper analyses the optimal trade-off between food andExpand
State-dependent life histories
Life-history theory is concerned with strategic decisions over an organism's lifetime that depend on the organism's physiological state and other components such as external circumstances and recent theoretical advances allow these effects to be modeled within the same framework. Expand
The sexual selection continuum
A general model of female choice for indirect benefits that captures the essence of both the ‘Fisherian’ and ‘good genes’ models is built and all versions of the model point to a single process that favours female preference for males siring offspring of high reproductive value. Expand
Foraging routines of small birds in winter: a theoretical investigation
We investigate the way in which the opposing forces of starvation and predation combine to influence daily foraging routines in populations of small, wintering birds. To avoid starvation in anExpand
Models of adaptive behaviour
This work has shown that dynamic optimization, based on state-dependent life history theory, can be a viable strategy for solving the challenge of foraging in fluctuating environments. Expand
Conflict between parents over care.
Conflict between parents over care of young arises when the young benefit from the effort of both parents, but each parent suffers a reduction in future reproductive success as a consequence of itsExpand
The value of fat reserves and the tradeoff between starvation and predation
It is shown that there exists an optimal level L of reserves at which total mortality (starvation plus predation) is minimized and that the effect of combined deteriorations is greater than the sum of their individual effects. Expand