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Nonlinear axially symmetric circulations in a nearly inviscid atmosphere
Abstract The structure of certain axially symmetric circulations in a stably stratified, differentially heated, rotating Boussinesq fluid on a sphere is analyzed. A simple approximate theory [similarExpand
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The Global Precipitation Measurement Mission
Precipitation affects many aspects of our everyday life. It is the primary source of freshwater and has significant socioeconomic impacts resulting from natural hazards such as hurricanes, floods,Expand
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The Response of a Zonally Symmetric Atmosphere to Subtropical Thermal Forcing: Threshold Behavior
Abstract We consider the response of a zonally symmetric atmosphere to a thermal forcing that is localized in the subtropics. Specifically, the equilibrium temperature distribution has a localExpand
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Global Precipitation Measurement
Historically, multi-decadal measurements of precipitation from surface-based rain gauges have been available over continents. However oceans remained largely unobserved prior to the beginning of theExpand
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Retrieval of Latent Heating from TRMM Measurements
Rainfall is a fundamental process within the Earth's hydrological cycle because it represents a principal forcing term in surface water budgets, while its energetics corollary, latent heating, is theExpand
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The Global Precipitation Measurement (GPM) Mission: An Overview
The Global Precipitation Measurement (GPM) Mission is an international satellite mission that uses advanced precipitation radar with a constellation of passive microwave radiometers to improve theExpand
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The influence of concentrated heating on the Hadley circulation
Abstract This study extends the earlier work on Hadley circulations forced by broad, global heating distributions to situations where heating is latitudinally concentrated. In the case of heatingExpand
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Global precipitation measurement: Methods, datasets and applications
This paper reviews the many aspects of precipitation measurement that are relevant to providing an accurate global assessment of this important environmental parameter. Methods discussed includeExpand
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Hadley Circulation as a Modulator of the Extratropical Climate
Abstract Studies based on GCM ensemble forecasts have shown that an intensification of the cross-equatorial Hadley circulation associated with a latitudinal displacement of the zonally averagedExpand
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The impact of microphysical schemes on hurricane intensity and track
During the past decade, both research and operational numerical weather prediction models [e.g. the Weather Research and Forecasting Model (WRF)] have started using more complex microphysical schemesExpand
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