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Changes in aquaporin gene expression and magnetic resonance imaging of water status in peach tree flower buds during dormancy.
The movement of cellular water accompanies changes in growth within dormant buds. To further understand this process, accumulation of tonoplast deltaTIP1 and plasma membrane PIP2 aquaporinExpand
Formation of grain chalkiness and changes in water distribution in developing rice caryopses grown under high-temperature stress
High-temperature stress during grain ripening facilitates the formation of chalky grains through loose packing of amyloplasts. In the present study, the changes in water distribution in theExpand
Effects of Soaking and High-Pressure Treatment on the Qualities of Cooked Rice
In this study, changes in rice qualities from High-Pressure (HP) treatment were investigated. Milled rice grains were presoaked in water at 25 and 55°C for 30 min, subjected to HP treatment at 400Expand
T2 distribution of boiled dry spaghetti measured by MRI and its internal structure observed by fluorescence microscopy
Abstract The T 2 distribution change of boiled dry spaghetti was evaluated by MRI T 2 maps and T 2 profiles, in which T 2 values were plotted against the distance from the surface. MorphologicalExpand
Moisture Distribution and Texture of Various Types of Cooked Spaghetti
ABSTRACT Cooked spaghetti of various types (fresh, dried, frozen, luncheon, and long-life spaghetti) was examined for moisture distribution by magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). Moisture content wasExpand
Water penetration into rice grains during soaking observed by gradient echo magnetic resonance imaging
The water penetration into a rice grain during soaking was monitored by three-dimensional gradient echo magnetic resonance imaging, which has the advantage of a short measurement time and aExpand
Moisture Distribution and Diffusion in Cooked Spaghetti Studied by NMR Imaging and Diffusion Model
ABSTRACT Moisture diffusion in spaghetti during boiling and holding after boiling was analyzed with a cylinder diffusion model based on moisture content mapped by magnetic resonance imaging. TheExpand
Visualisation of Moisture Distribution during Development of Rice Caryopses (Oryza sativa L.) by Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Microimaging
Abstract The moisture distribution in developing rice caryopses was visualised with nuclear magnetic resonance (MR) microimaging. Rice plants (Oryza sativa L. cv. Koshihikari) were grown outdoors inExpand
Change in the Status of Water in Japanese Noodles During and After Boiling Observed by NMR Micro Imaging
A correlation between moisture content (M, g water/ g dry matter) and transverse relaxation time (T 2 ) of water protons in standard wheat gel samples was established by NMR. Changes in moistureExpand
Metabolism of 2-amino-3-phosphono[3-14C]propionic acid in cell-free preparations of Tetrahymena.
Incubation of 2-amino-3-phosphono[3-14C]propionic acid with cell-free preparations of Tetrahymena pyriformis resulted in incorporation of the radioactivity into phosphoenolpyruvate. No radioactivityExpand