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Characteristics of Lacha and Rasa Aragonesa lambs slaughtered at three live weights.
A study was made of differences in the quality of meat from Lacha (L) and Rasa Aragonesa (RA) lambs slaughtered at 12, 24, or 36 kg live weight. Lambs from both breeds were weaned at 25 to 57 d,Expand
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Fatty acid profile of three adipose depots in seven Spanish breeds of suckling kids.
Intramuscular, subcutaneous and kidney knob fat depot fatty acid profiles were studied in 104 male suckling kids from seven Spanish breeds: Blanca Andaluza, Blanca Celtibérica, Moncaína, NegraExpand
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Effect of sex on meat quality of Spanish lamb breeds (Lacha and Rasa Aragonesa)
The influence of sex on the meat quality of Lacha (L) and Rasa Aragonesa (RA) lambs was studied. Male and female L lambs were given ewes' milk and were slaughtered at 25 and 24 days of ageExpand
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Influence of breed, milk diet and slaughter weight on carcass traits of suckling kids from seven Spanish breeds
This experiment aimed to describe the influence of production system on the following characteristics from seven Spanish goat breeds: carcass weight, dressing percentage, head weight, viscera weight,Expand
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Rapid determination of the fatty acid profile in pork dry-cured sausages by NIR spectroscopy
Abstract The feasibility of using near infrared reflectance spectroscopy to evaluate the generation of relevant and accurate nutritional information through a rapid determination of the fatty acidExpand
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Estimation of factors influencing fatty acid profiles in light lambs.
Fatty acid composition of intramuscular, intermuscular, subcutaneous, omental and kidney knob fat depots of eighty male light lambs (±21kg live weight) from five Spanish sheep breeds was analysed.Expand
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Meat and fat quality of unweaned lambs as affected by slaughter weight and breed.
Sixty-four male lambs of two Southern Spanish breeds, a dairy breed (Grazalema Merino) and a meat breed (Churra Lebrijana), were used to study the effects of slaughter weight and breed on meat traitsExpand
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Effect of slaughter weight and breed on instrumental and sensory meat quality of suckling kids.
The effects of breed and slaughter weight on chemical composition, fatty acid groups, texture, and sensory characteristics of meat of 141 suckling male kids from 5 Spanish breeds were studied. ThereExpand
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Short communication: Fatty acid composition of lamb fat depots as an origin discriminator | Comunicación corta. Composición de ácidos grasos de los depósitos grasos de cordero como discriminado del
The development of quality labels for different lamb meats makes necessary to implement analytical methodologies to guarantee consumers the origin of the products. Eighty single birth male lambs fromExpand
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A Comparison of Laboratory‐Based and Home‐Based Tests of Consumer Preferences Using Kid and Lamb Meat
The meat from 60 commercial suckling males of five Spanish goat breeds (n = 10 each) (Moncaina [MO], Pirenaica [PI], Negra Serrana [NS], Blanca Celtiberica [BC] [all meat or double purpose] andExpand
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