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Sow body movements that crush piglets: a comparison between two types of farrowing accommodation
Abstract Crushing by the sow is a major cause of death for piglets. The behavior of 20 sows and their litters kept in two types of farrowing accommodation (farrowing crates and more open pens) wasExpand
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Oral health and dental treatment of patients with renal disease.
OBJECTIVES To outline aspects that need consideration in the dental office when treating patients with renal disease and to present data on the oral health parameters of patients during the differentExpand
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Metabolism of α-linolenic acid during incubations with strained bovine rumen contents: products and mechanisms.
Description of α-linolenic acid (cis-9,cis-12,cis-15-18 : 3, ALA) metabolism in the rumen is incomplete. Ruminal digesta samples were incubated with ALA and buffer containing water or deuterium oxideExpand
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Characterization of the disappearance and formation of biohydrogenation intermediates during incubations of linoleic acid with rumen fluid in vitro.
Dietary unsaturated fatty acids are extensively hydrogenated in the rumen, resulting in the formation of numerous intermediates that may exert physiological effects and alter the fat composition ofExpand
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