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The gender gap in same-gender voting: The role of context
If parties nominate both male and female candidates, open-list PR electoral rules enable voters to engage in same-gender voting (i.e. select candidate of the same gender). In this regard, there is aExpand
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Gender‐based voting in the parliamentary elections of 2007 in Finland
In contrast to many other countries, the Finnish open-list proportional representation (PR) system with its mandatory preferential voting provides an opportunity to study gender-based votingExpand
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Discourse and Politics for Gender Equality in Late Twentieth Century Finland
Tiivistelmä-Referat-Abstract The article dissertation analysed Finnish discourse and politics for gender equality from the late 1960s to the late 1990s. Three questions were investigated: How was theExpand
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Critical Studies of Nordic Discourses on Gender and Gender Equality
Within the Nordic ‘‘paradise for women’’ (Fougner & Asp-Larsen 1994) there have for decades appeared critical feminist analyses of gender equality, growing in intensity since the 1990s. TodayExpand
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State Feminism Finnish Style: Strong Policies clash with Implementation Problems
In international comparisons, Finland is regarded as one of the Nordic ‘women-friendly’ welfare states. In gender equality policy, Finland has been a runner-up which has followed the pioneers NorwayExpand
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The article presents a critical analysis of some feminist concepts concerning women's co‐operation, that is, strategic partnerships, triangles of empowerment and velvet triangles. Pointing out theirExpand
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