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Probabilistic and Statistical Aspects of Quantum Theory
Foreword to 2nd English edition.- Foreword to 2nd Russian edition.- Preface.- Chapters: I. Statistical Models.- II. Mathematics of Quantum Theory.- III. Symmetry Groups in Quantum Mechanics.- IV.Expand
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The Capacity of the Quantum Channel with General Signal States
  • A. Holevo
  • Physics, Computer Science
  • IEEE Trans. Inf. Theory
  • 14 November 1996
It is shown that the capacity of a classical-quantum channel with arbitrary (possibly mixed) states equals the maximum of the entropy bound with respect to all a priori distributions. Expand
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Statistical structure of quantum theory
The course presents some basic concepts and rigorous results of a new scientiflc discipline { quantum information theory. It starts with a thorough reconsideration of the mathematical foundations ofExpand
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Quantum Systems, Channels, Information: A Mathematical Introduction
This book gives an accessible, albeit mathematically rigorous and self-contained introduction to quantum information theory, starting from primary structures and leading to fundamental results and exiting open problems. Expand
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Statistical decision theory for quantum systems
Quantum statistical decision theory arises in connection with applied problems of optimal detection and processing of quantum signals. In this paper we give a systematic treatment of this theory,Expand
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Evaluating capacities of bosonic Gaussian channels
We show how to compute or at least to estimate various capacity-related quantities for bosonic Gaussian channels. Among these are the coherent information, the entanglement-assisted classicalExpand
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Counterexample to an additivity conjecture for output purity of quantum channels
A conjecture arising naturally in the investigation of additivity of classical information capacity of quantum channels states that the maximal purity of outputs from a quantum channel, as measuredExpand
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On Reliability Function of Quantum Communication Channel
The reliability function gives the rate of exponential convergence to zero of the error probability in a communication channel. In this paper bounds for the reliability function of a quantum pureExpand
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Ultimate classical communication rates of quantum optical channels
The Gaussian minimum entropy conjecture—a long-standing open question—has now been proved for single-mode phase-insensitive bosonic Gaussian channels. This establishes the ultimate achievable bitExpand
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