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Time stamping in EPRB experiments: application on the test of non-ergodic theories
AbstractIn Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen-Bohm (EPRB) experiments, the record of the time of detection of each single photon (“time stamping”) provides much more information than the usual record ofExpand
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Three-photon frequency down-conversion as an event-ready source of entangled states
An event-ready (or deterministic) source of entangled states is of interest in the practical implementation of schemes of quantum computation and cryptography as well as in the experiments aimed toExpand
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Extreme events in the Ti:sapphire laser.
We report experimental and theoretical evidence of the existence of extreme value events in the form of scarce and randomly emerging giant pulses in the femtosecond (self-pulsing or Kerr-lensExpand
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Experimental investigation on excitability in a laser with a saturable absorber
In this work, we investigate experimentally the excitable properties of a solid-state laser with an intracavity saturable absorber. The main test of excitability is the characterization of the systemExpand
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Optical rogue waves in an all-solid-state laser with a saturable absorber: importance of the spatial effects
We study the features of the optical rogue waves (ORWs) observed in an all-solid-state (Cr:YAG+Nd:YVO4) passively-Q-switched laser, which is a system of wide practical interest. The extreme eventsExpand
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Chaos in the pulse spacing of passive Q-switched all-solid-state lasers.
We report the experimental and theoretical verification that, in a diode-pumped Nd:YAG+Cr:YAGQ-switched laser, the instabilities in the pulse spacing ("jitter") are ruled by low-dimensionalExpand
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Features of the extreme events observed in an all-solid-state laser with a saturable absorber
Extreme events (sometimes also called optical rogue waves), in the form of pulses of extraordinary intensity, are easily observed in its chaotic regime if the Fresnel number of the cavity is high.Expand
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On the design of pulsed dye laser amplifiers
We apply a formula for the small signal gain of a dye laser amplifier (obtained and verified in a previous work) to the case of a transverse pumped R6G amplifier. We trace a set of curves as aExpand
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Self-starting of self mode-locking Ti:sapphire lasers. Description with a Poincaré map (Optics Comm. 147 (1998) 89)
A description of the Kerr-lens-mode-locking Ti:sapphire laser in terms of iterative or Poincare maps is used to consider the problem of self starting (SS) of the mode locking state. The mostExpand
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Extreme events and crises observed in an all-solid-state laser with modulation of losses.
We report observations of extreme events (or dissipative optical rogue waves) in a laser with a modulated parameter (cavity losses). Experimental data supporting the hypothesis that these events areExpand
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