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Rethinking India's Oral and Classical Epics: Draupadi among Rajputs, Muslims, and Dalits
Throughout India and Southeast Asia, ancient classical epics - the "Mahabharata" and the "Ramayana" - continue to exert considerable cultural influence. This work offers an exploration into SouthExpand
Śiva, the Goddess, and the Disguises of the Pāṇḍavas and Draupadi
After over forty years of increasingly productive exploration of the symbolism of the Mahabharata,1 it is becoming clear that the "Great Epic" possesses a remarkable coherence. This coherence resultsExpand
From Muhammad to the age of reforms
In volume 2 of this monumental work, Mircea Eliade continues his magisterial progress through the history of religous ideas. The religions of ancient China, Brahmanism and Hinduism, Buddha and hisExpand
Nahuṣa in the Skies: A Human King of Heaven
king "pursue the same end-cosmic renewal. 'But the renovatio accomplished at the coronation of a king had important consequences in the later history of humanity. On the one hand, the ceremoniesExpand
The Many Voices of the Mahabharata@@@Rethinking the Mahabharata: A Reader's Guide to the Education of the Dharma King
The ancient Indian Sanskrit tradition produced no text more intriguing, or more persistently misunderstood or underappreciated, than the Mahabharata. Its intricacies have waylaid generations ofExpand