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More than a 600‐fold variation in nitrogen dioxide assimilation among 217 plant taxa
Assimilation of nitrogen dioxide in response to fumigation with 15 N-labelled nitrogen dioxide was studied in 217 plant taxa. The taxa included 50 wild herbaceous plants collected from roadsides (42Expand
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Differential assimilation of nitrogen dioxide by 70 taxa of roadside trees at an urban pollution level.
In order to screen for the best species for mitigating nitrogen dioxide (NO2) by plants at urban levels, we investigated assimilation of nitrogen dioxide by 70 taxa of woody plants that are mostlyExpand
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Protective effect of neurotropin against lipopolysaccharide-induced hypotension and lethality linked to suppression of inducible nitric oxide synthase induction.
Neurotropin is a non-protein extract from the dermis of rabbits inoculated with vaccinia virus and has been clinically used as an analgesic in Japan. We present in the current report evidence for itsExpand
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