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Thermal sensors based on the seebeck effect
Abstract The thermoelectric effects in metals and semiconductors are reviewed and particular attention is devoted to the Seebeck effect in silicon and its possible exploitation for thermal sensing.Expand
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Overview of calorimeter chips for various applications
This paper gives an overview of some of the recent developments in the area of chip calorimetry. Using several chip calorimeters developed at Xensor Integration and tested by users, examples of chipExpand
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Temperature calibration and electrical characterization of the differential scanning calorimeter chip UFS1 for the Mettler-Toledo Flash DSC 1
Abstract This paper reports on the temperature calibration and electrical characterization of the calorimeter chip UFS1 (internal design XI-400) developed for the new commercially availableExpand
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The seebeck effect in silicon ICs
Abstract The Seebeck effect in silicon is investigated to evaluate its usefulness for an integrated temperature difference sensor. The theory of the Seebeck effect is briefly explained and someExpand
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Integrated vacuum sensor
Abstract A novel type of thermal vacuum gauge based on an integrated silicon thermopile is presented. A simple theory describing the behaviour of the sensor is given, and experimental results areExpand
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Advanced nonadiabatic ultrafast nanocalorimetry and superheating phenomenon in linear polymers
Abstract To study phase-transition kinetics on submillisecond time scale a set of new membrane gauges for ultrafast scanning nanocalorimetry were constructed. Controlled ultrafast cooling, as well asExpand
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An analytical model and verification for MEMS Pirani gauges
A new analytical model for the design of micromachined Pirani gauges operating in constant current mode is presented. This model expresses the pressure range as a closed-form analytical function ofExpand
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Detection of sunflower oil in extra virgin olive oil by fast differential scanning calorimetry
Abstract Extra virgin olive oil (EVOO) is an economically valuable product, due to its high quality and premium price. Therefore it is vulnerable for adulteration by means of the addition of cheaperExpand
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Integrated thermopile sensors
Abstract This paper is about integrated silicon thermopiles and their applications in silicon sensors. After a short description of the thermoelectric effect and its use in silicon thermopiles, someExpand
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Liquid and gas micro-calorimeters for (bio)chemical measurements
Abstract Micro-calorimeters are offsetless and often highly selective chemical sensors that measure concentrations of substances in gases and liquids by detecting the heat of reaction. In this paperExpand
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