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Two new fringe-limbed frogs of the genus Ecnomiohyla (Anura: Hylidae) from Panama.
A detailed description of both new species, including comparisons of morphological and molecular characters of almost all members of the genus in lower Central America, is provided, as well as an identification key for the entire genus.
On the Monophyly and Relationships of Several Genera of Hylini (Anura: Hylidae: Hylinae), with Comments on Recent Taxonomic Changes in Hylids
A molecular phylogenetic analysis of the hylid tribe Hylini is presented, indicating that Isthmohyla is polyphyletic, the bromeliad-dwelling ISthmohdyla melacaena being the sister taxon of the authors' only exemplar of Bromeliohyla, B. bromeliacia.
A new golden frog species of the genus Diasporus (Amphibia, Eleutherodactylidae) from the Cordillera Central, western Panama
Abstract We describe the frog species Diasporus citrinobapheus sp. n. from the Cordillera Central of western Panama. The new species differs from all other species in its genus in coloration, disk
An integrative approach to reveal speciation and species richness in the genus Diasporus (Amphibia: Anura: Eleutherodactylidae) in eastern Panama
An integrative analysis of the species from eastern Panama is presented and an identification key for all species of the genus Diasporus is presented, suggesting eastern Panama to be a centre of endemism for this group of frogs.
Life history linked to immune investment in developing amphibians
It is found that AMP defenses in tadpoles of species with short larval periods (fast pace of life) were reduced in comparison with species that overwinter as tadpole and grow to a large size, which supports the hypothesis that species with a slow pace ofLife invest energy in AMP production to resist potential pathogens encountered during the long larval period, whereas Species with a fast pace oflife trade this investment in defense for more rapid growth and development.
Field notes on findings of threatened amphibian species in the central mountain range of western Panama
During field work along a transect in the Cordillera Central of western Panama between 2008 and 2010, we detected several populations of amphibian species which are considered as "Endangered" or
Distribution and variation of the giant alpha anoles (Squamata: Dactyloidae) of the genus Dactyloa in the highlands of western Panama, with the description of a new species formerly referred to as D.
Correlated morphological differences confirm the existence of a cryptic species among populations currently assigned to D. microtus, and support all six nominal taxa, but reveal considerable genetic differentiation between populations of the two highland species, D. casildae and D.microtus.
A new species of Bolitoglossa (Caudata, Plethodontidae) from the continental divide of western Panama.
The new salamander species Bolitoglossa jugivagans from the Atlantic slopes of the Fortuna depression in western Panama is described on the basis of morphological and molecular data and seems to be closely related to B. aureogularis and B. robinsoni.
New state records of Dipsas Variegata (Duméril, Bibron and Duméril 1854) (Serpentes: Colubridae) from northern Venezuela, with comments on natural history
Nuevos registros estatales de Dipsas variegata (Dumeril, Bibron and Dumeril 1854) (Serpentes: Colubridae) para el norte de Venezuela, con comentarios acerca de su historia natural Actualizamos la