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Application of flow models in an alpine catchment area using tritium and deuterium data
Abstract Measurements of tritium and deuterium concentrations in precipitation and runoff were in addition to conventional investigation methods used to provide some further insight into the storageExpand
Isotope hydrological study of mean transit times in an alpine basin (Wimbachtal, Germany)
Measurements of tritium and 18O concentrations in precipitation and runoff were used to provide further insight into the groundwater storage properties of the Wimbachtal Valley, a catchment area ofExpand
Interpretation of tracer tests performed in fractured rock of the Lange Bramke basin, Germany
Abstract Two multitracer tests performed in one of the major cross-fault zones of the Lange Bramke basin (Harz Mountains, Germany) confirm the dominant role of the fault zone in groundwater flow andExpand
Nitrogen concentration at maturity: An indicator of nitrogen status in forage maize
The increased awareness of potential impacts of agricultural activities on nonpoint source pollution has increased the demand for agro-environmental policy measures and for scientifically soundExpand
Isotope Input into Runoff Systems from Melting Snow Covers
Stable environmental isotope techniques contribute to reasonable separations of the direct runoff component in snowmelt hydrographs. For the separation procedure, the actual isotope input from snowExpand
Application of environmental isotope techniques in water balance studies of small basins
Examina los estudios sobre el balance de agua en el medio ambiente, mediante el uso de tecnicas de seguimiento utilizando como trazadores a isotopos del hidrogeno y oxigeno (tritium, deuterium,Expand
Isotope Hydrological Study of Mean Transit Times and Related Hydrogeological Conditions in Pyrenean experimental Basins (Vallcebre, Catalonia)
Measurements of tritium and oxygen-18 concentrations in water samples from streams at low discharge, wells, and permanent springs are used to provide insight into hydrogeological conditions, storageExpand
Influence of drought stress and fertilisation on carbon isotopes as indicators of water use of grassland differing in diversity.
Methods • Permanent grassland (> 14 years old), Relliehausen, Solling, Germany (Fig. 2) • Hierarchical design: diversity = main plot, fertilisation and drought stress on subplots, n = 4 • DifferentExpand
A preliminary study on new biodegradable films to cover silages.
Two different silage cover films, one made of standard polyethylene (PE) and the other made of Mater-Bi® biodegradable plastic (MB), with two different thicknesses (60 and 120 )m) have been compared.Expand