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A Stochastic Approach to Content Adaptive Digital Image Watermarking
This paper presents a new stochastic approach which can be applied with different watermark techniques. The approach is based on the computation of a Noise Visibility Function (NVF) thatExpand
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Generalized watermarking attack based on watermark estimation and perceptual remodulation
Digital image watermarking has become a popular technique for authentication and copyright protection. For verifying the security and robustness of watermarking algorithms, specific attacks have toExpand
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Watermark copy attack
Research in digital watermarking has progressed along two paths. While new watermarking technologies are being developed, some researchers are also investigating different ways of attacking digitalExpand
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Secure Copyright Protection Techniques for Digital Images
This paper presents a new approach for the secure and robust copyright protection of digital images. A system for generating digital watermarks and for trading watermarked images is described. TheExpand
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Watermark template attack
This paper presents a new attack, called the watermark template attach, for watermarked images. In contrast to the Stirmark benchmark, this attack does not severely reduce the quality of the image.Expand
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StegoWall: blind statistical detection of hidden data
Novel functional possibilities, provided by recent data hiding technologies, carry out the danger of uncontrolled (unauthorized) and unlimited information exchange that might be used by people withExpand
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A Copyright Protection Environment for Digital Images
This paper* presents a new approach for the copyright protection of digital images transmitted over the Internet. Current watermark techniques emphasise the robustness of digital watermarks only. InExpand
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Cryptographic Copyright Protection for Digital Images Based on Watermarking Techniques
In this paper we present a new approach for the secure and robust copyright protection of digital images. We describe a system for generating digital watermarks and for trading watermarked images.Expand
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An Analytic Optimization Technique for Placement of Macro-Cells
This paper discusses the placement of R (rectangular) or L-shaped blocks, such as in macro-cell design. We present a new analytic approach that simultaneously accounts for different criteria (wireExpand
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GRCA: a global approach for floorplanning synthesis in VLSI macrocell design
  • A. Herrigel
  • Computer Science
  • IEEE International Conference on Computer-Aided…
  • 11 November 1990
A novel floorplanning method for the macrocell layout style is presented. The floorplan state space is characterized by an equivalence relation to apply efficient solution techniques. AExpand
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