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Nitrogen control in cyanobacteria.
Nitrogen control in cyanobacteria is mediated by NtcA, a transcriptional regulator which belongs to the CAP (the catabolite gene activator or cyclic AMP [cAMP] receptor protein) family and is therefore different from the well-characterized Ntr system. Expand
Cellular differentiation and the NtcA transcription factor in filamentous cyanobacteria.
The different features found in the NtcA-dependent promoters, together with the cellular level of active NTCA protein, should have a role in the determination of the hierarchy of gene activation during the process of heterocyst differentiation. Expand
Compartmentalized function through cell differentiation in filamentous cyanobacteria
This Review addresses cyanob bacterial intercellular communication, the supracellular structure of the cyanobacterial filament and the basic principles that govern the process of heterocyst differentiation. Expand
Nitrogen assimilation and nitrogen control in cyanobacteria.
The expression of many nitrogen assimilation genes is subjected to regulation being activated by the nitrogen-control transcription factor NtcA, which is autoregulatory and whose activity appears to be influenced by 2-oxoglutarate and the signal transduction protein P(II). Expand
Assimilatory Nitrogen Metabolism and Its Regulation
The element nitrogen (N) constitutes about 5–10% of the dry weight of a cyanobacterial cell. The purpose of this chapter is to review the assimilatory pathways which in free-living cyanobacteria leadExpand
Molecular mechanism for the operation of nitrogen control in cyanobacteria.
In cyanobacteria, ammonium exerts a negative regulation of the expression of proteins involved in the assimilation of nitrogen sources alternative to ammonium. In Synechococcus, mRNA levels of genesExpand
Requirement of the regulatory protein NtcA for the expression of nitrogen assimilation and heterocyst development genes in the cyanobacterium Anabaena sp. PCC7120
Results showed that the ntcA gene product, NTCA, is required in Anabaena sp. Expand
Photosynthetic nitrate assimilation in cyanobacteria
Despite significant advance in understanding the regulation of nitrate assimilation in cyanobacteria, further post-transcriptional regulatory mechanisms are likely to be discovered. Expand
2‐Oxoglutarate increases the binding affinity of the NtcA (nitrogen control) transcription factor for the Synechococcus glnA promoter
2‐oxoglutarate is suggested as a signal of the C to N balance of the cells to regulate NtcA activity and provide a new example of regulation in the versatile CAP family of proteins. Expand