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Charged-Particle Cross Section Database for Medical Radioisotope Production
Charged-particle cross section database for medical radioisotope production was developed under an international project coordinated by the IAEA. The project focused on radioisotopes for diagnosticExpand
New cross-sections and intercomparison of proton monitor reactions on Ti, Ni and Cu
Abstract The excitation functions of proton induced reactions on Ti, Ni and Cu were studied using activation method on stacks made of thin metallic foil targets with natural isotopic composition.Expand
Reference Cross Sections for Charged-particle Monitor Reactions
Abstract Evaluated cross sections of beam-monitor reactions are expected to become the de-facto standard for cross-section measurements that are performed over a very broad energy range inExpand
New measurement and evaluation of the excitation function of 64Ni(p,n) reaction for the production of 64Cu
Abstract One of the radioisotopes for which a growing interest exists in nuclear medicine is 64 Cu. Its branched decay makes it suitable for both diagnostic and therapeutic purposes. Activation crossExpand
Investigation of the natMo(p,x) nuclear reaction to monitor proton beams: New measurements and consequences on the earlier reported data
Abstract The excitation function of the natMo(p,x) 96 mg Tc monitor reaction has been measured up to 38 MeV to verify published experimental cross-section data sets measured earlier by using thisExpand
Evaluation of proton induced reactions on 100Mo: New cross sections for production of 99mTc and 99Mo
The use of the 99Mo→99mTc generator in nuclear medicine is well established world wide. The production of the 99Mo (T1/2 = 66 h) parent as a fission product of 235U is largely based on the use ofExpand
Determination of the external beam energy of a variable energy. Multiparticle cyclotron
Abstract Optimization of commercial production of GBq batches of radioisotopes by threshold nuclear reactions needs an accurate knowledge of the particle beam energy. We present three independentExpand
Investigation of activation cross-sections of proton induced nuclear reactions on natMo up to 40 MeV: New data and evaluation
Abstract Cross-sections of proton induced nuclear reactions on natural molybdenum have been studied in the frame of a systematic investigation of charged particle induced nuclear reactions on metalsExpand
Low-cost microoptical modules for MCM level optical interconnections
A multichannel free-space microoptical module for dense MCM-level optical interconnections has been designed and fabricated. Extensive modeling proves that the module is scalable with a potential forExpand
Evaluated activation cross sections of longer-lived radionuclides produced by deuteron induced reactions on natural titanium
Abstract Charged particle induced reactions can be used to monitor in real time the wear of mechanical structures such as internal combustion engines and turbines. Charged particle induced reactionsExpand