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The communicative figurations of mediatized worlds: Mediatization research in times of the ‘mediation of everything’
When various media in their entirety mark how we articulate our social worlds, we need an approach of mediatization research that reflects this transmediality. To develop such an approach, theExpand
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Conceptualizing Mediatization: Contexts, Traditions, Arguments
Why ‘mediatization’ as a topic for communication theory now? This rather ungainly word has been rising in prominence for the past decade, but many readers of this journal may still want to ask: WhatExpand
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Cultures of Mediatization
Detailed Table of Contents Acknowledgements 1. Introduction 2. What Media Culture Is (Not) 3. The Mediatization of Culture 4. Cultures of Mediatization and Mediatized Worlds 5. Communatization withinExpand
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Differentiation: Mediatization AND Cultural Change
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The Mediated Construction of Reality
Social theory needs to be completely rethought in a world of digital media and social media platforms driven by data processes. Fifty years after Berger and Luckmann published their classic text TheExpand
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Mediatization and the ‘molding force’ of the media
Abstract The aim of this article is to contribute to the discussion surrounding mediatization by presenting some arguments on how we could include questions of media specificity in an appropriateExpand
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Mediatization – Empirical perspectives: An introduction to a special issue
In general, the concept of mediatization tries to capture long-term interrelation processes between media change on the one hand and social and cultural change on the other. As institutionalized andExpand
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Mediatization: theorizing the interplay between media, culture and society
In response to Deacon and Stanyer’s article ‘Mediatization: Key Concept or Conceptual Bandwagon?’ we argue that they build their criticism on a simplified methodology. They mistake a media-centeredExpand
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Transculturality as a Perspective: Researching Media Cultures Comparatively
Most of the research on media cultures operates in a "national-territorial" frame. Media cultures are considered as national cultures and other forms of media culture (for example professionalExpand
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