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Probabilistic models for mechanical properties of concrete, reinforcing steel and pre-stressing steel
This paper presents probabilistic models for mechanical properties of pre-cast and cast-on-site concrete as well as of reinforcing and pre-stressing steel. Expand
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An innovative adaptive sparse response surface method for structural reliability analysis
ISISE Institute for Sustainability and Innovation in Structural Engineering (PEst-C/ECI/UI4029/2011 FCOM-01-0124-FEDER-022681), FCT Portuguese Scientific Foundation for the research grantExpand
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Strength and Ductility of Damaged Tempcore Rebars
Abstract The Tempcore rebars behaviour results from the interaction of the three layers that compose them, with different initial stresses. Therefore,their mechanical properties study is importantExpand
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Structural assessment under uncertain parameters via interval analysis
An efficient health monitoring system for damage detection in civil engineering structures using on-line monitoring data is being developed to identify any possible damage in short time. The presentExpand
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Efficient analysis of structural uncertainty using perturbation techniques
Probabilistic and reliability techniques have been used increasingly to evaluate uncertainty and structural safety. However, when sophisticated methods of structural analysis are used, the currentExpand
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Uncertainty analysis of structural systems by perturbation techniques
The formulation of an efficient method to evaluate the uncertainty of the structural response by applying perturbation techniques is described. Structural random variables are defined by their meanExpand
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Health Monitoring System (HMS) for structural assessment
As in any engineering application, the problem of structural assessment should face the different uncertainties present in real world. The main source of uncertainty in Health Monitoring System (HMS)Expand
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Reliability Assessment of Eurocode 7 Retaining Structures Design Methodology
This paper is a contribution for the application of Eurocode 7 design methodology, based on the limit state design (LSD) approach. The design methodology of Eurocode 7 is applied to a concreteExpand
Flexural reinforcement with FRP systems - experimental results vs. Expected results based on actual design guidelines
This paper describes the design criteria for flexural strengthening of reinforced concrete structures with FRP systems presented in the design guidelines published by FIB (1) and ACI(2). TwoExpand
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