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Field Guide To The Palms Of The Americas
This user-friendly and authoritative book will serve scientists, growers, and sightseers as a guide to the 67 genera and 550 species of naturally occurring palms found in the Americas. Its purpose isExpand
The Palms Of The Amazon
1: Introduction to the Amazon. 2: Introduction to the Palms. 3: Biogeography of Amazon Palms. 4: Ecology of Amazon Palms. 5: Palm Collectors, Palm Botanists and Species Concepts. 6: The Palms of theExpand
Paleoindian Cave Dwellers in the Amazon: The Peopling of the Americas
A Paleoindian campsite has been uncovered in stratified prehistoric deposits in Caverna da Pedra Pintada at Monte Alegre in the Brazilian Amazon. Fifty-six radiocarbon dates on carbonized plantExpand
Flowering plants of the neotropics.
Preface ix Contributors xi Acknowledgments xv Introduction xvii Editors' Note xxi Dicotyledons 1 Monocotyledons 403 Glossary 497 Literature Cited 525 Appendix I Cronquist Dicotyledon ClassificationExpand
A review of pollination studies in the Palmae
A review is given of the literature concerning palm pollination. Results of this review indicate great diversity in pollination, but three basic syndromes are common in the family, cantharophily,Expand
A review of animal-mediated seed dispersal of palms.
Zoochory is a common mode of dispersal in the Arecaceae (Palmae), although little is known about how dispersal has influenced the distributions of most palms. A survey of the literature reveals thatExpand
Traditional morphometrics in plant systematics and its role in palm systematics
A review is given of the role of traditional morphometrics in plant systematics. The three most commonly used techniques of data analysis – Cluster Analysis, Principal Component Analysis andExpand
Tropical Andean palms (Arecaceae).