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Challenges faced by mental health peer support workers: peer support from the peer supporter's point of view.
OBJECTIVE This study aimed to identify the various challenges encountered by peer support workers in Western Australia in the course of their work and to identify possible solutions to thoseExpand
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A substantive theory of recovery from the effects of severe persistent mental illness
  • A. Henderson
  • Psychology, Medicine
  • The International journal of social psychiatry
  • 1 November 2011
Background: This study investigated Western Australian consumer perspectives of recovery from the effects of a severe mental illness. Method: The grounded theory method was used to collect andExpand
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Review of aquaculture, its regulation and monitoring in Scotland
Summary The aquaculture industry in Scotland is primarily located on the western and northern coasts of Scotland where geographical and hydrographic conditions suit the species cultured. TheExpand
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The Responses of Young People to Their Experiences of First-Episode Psychosis: Harnessing Resilience
Abstract There is a burgeoning literature on first-episode psychosis, the focus of which is early intervention. Little emphasis has been placed on the responses of young people to their experiencesExpand
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Repair and replication of DNA in rat and mouse tissues in relation to cancer induction by N-nitroso-N-alkyl-ureas.
The high susceptibility of certain organs, for example rat brain, to induction of cancer by N-nitroso-N-alkyl-ureas, has been related to a low ability to remove O6-alkylguanine (O6AG) from DNA. It isExpand
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Potent inhibition of oesophageal metabolism of N-nitrosomethylbenzylamine, an oesophageal carcinogen, by higher alcohols present in alcoholic beverages.
The main cause of oesophageal cancer in western countries is consumption of alcoholic beverages, the degree of risk being much greater for certain spirits than for wine or beer. Risk shows a strikingExpand
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Acute and chronic effects of diacetoxyscirpenol on cell replication in rat esophagus and stomach.
The effect of the mycotoxin diacetoxyscirpenol (DS) on the upper alimentary tract was studied on account of the association between the consumption of food contaminated by Fusaria and esophagealExpand
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Trans-Cultural Study of Recovery from Severe Enduring Mental Illness in Chennai, India and Perth, Western Australia
Abstract Interest in consumer perspectives of recovery from severe enduring mental illness was kindled in the United States of America (USA) during the 1970’s and gathered momentum in the decadesExpand
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De novo and repair replication of DNA in liver of carcinogen-treated animals.
The effect of certain carcinogens on DNA replication in the intact animal was studied for the determination of whether repair replication was induced and whether there was a change in the rate of deExpand
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The effect of dimethylnitrosamine on the synthesis of high-mobility group non-histone proteins in regenerating rat liver.
A single injection of dimethylnitrosamine (DMN) given to adult rats induces hepatocellular carcinoma if given during the period of restorative hyperplasia following partial hepatectomy. The effect ofExpand
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