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The Starry Sky Within: Astronomy and the Reach of the Mind in Victorian Literature
Introduction PART ONE: OBSERVERS IN MOTION 1. Astronomy, Optics, and Point of View 2. Thomas De Quincey's Disoriented Universe 3. Grief in Motion: Parallax and Orbing in Tennyson PART TWO: ASTRONOMYExpand
Popular Fiction and Brain Science in the Late Nineteenth Century
The Woman in White, far from inducing “thoughtless submission” (196) to Collins’s design, teaches the reader “to question, guess, and speculate in our passionate pursuit of the truth” (202). ModelingExpand
The Telescope as Prosthesis
1902): 1 196-1200. Barr, Bernadine Courtright. "Entertaining and Instructing the Public: John Zahorsky s 1904 Incubator Institute." Social History of Medicine 8.1 (199s): 17-36. Board of Trade:Expand
Daniel Brown, for example, makes the case that the differences between the two genres can be “difficult to discern,” but notes that, while the subject matter may be the same (crime, infidelity,Expand
"The Globe we groan in": Astronomical Distance and Stellar Decay in In Memoriam
TENNYSON SCHOLARSHIP HAS YET TO ACCOUNT FOR THE IMPORTANT CONNECtions between the poet's lifelong preoccupation with astronomy and his larger poetic project. Astronomy fascinated Tennyson for its ownExpand
Fragments Out of Place
Thomas De Quincey’s Disoriented Universe
Charles Darwin’s final book on earthworms, 1881
Tallow Candles and Meaty Air in Bleak House
In Charles Dickens’s Bleak House there is a strange (and disgusting) pattern of characters feeling that they can ‘taste’ the air, and that that air tastes either meaty or greasy. Esther notices thatExpand