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The Wisdom of Consumer Crowds
Past theories of consumer innovation and creativity were devised before the emergence of the profound collaborative possibilities of technology. With the diffusion of networking technologies,Expand
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Diagnosing Means-End Structures to Determine the Degree of Potential Marketing Program Standardization
Abstract Although the desirability of marketing standardization versus adaptation has long been debated in academic and business circles, few empirical studies are available that investigate theExpand
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Learning and Knowledge-building in Open-source Communities
Open-source communities are innovative online communities, some of which have recently attracted increasing attention. The study suggests that members of innovative online communities learn and buildExpand
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Fostering Cooperation on the Internet: Social Exchange Processes in Innovative Virtual Consumer Communities
Virtual communities of consumers increasingly engage in voluntary collaborative production of digital goods and services which became highly successful in recent years. This paper offers aExpand
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accepted for the The Fifth European Conference on Organizational Knowledge, Learning, and Capabilities in Innsbruck, Austria, 2004, forthcoming. * Contact person: Andrea Hemetsberger AssistantExpand
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Virtual Customer Integration in New Product Development in Industrial Markets: The QLL Framework
ABSTRACT Purpose. Customer integration in new product development has become a main topic in business-to-business literature. Literature has brought forward a growing body of virtual customerExpand
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"Hopelessly Devoted to You" Towards an Extended Conceptualization of Consumer Devotion
This article seeks to enhance understanding of consumer devotion through an extended, elaborate conceptualization of the concept. It draws on the extant literature on devotion as well as relatedExpand
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When David Becomes Goliath - Ideological Discourse in New Online Consumer Movements
This article seeks to contribute to the issue of consumer sovereignty by introducing the concept of adversary innovation. The functionality of ideological discourse for the sustainability of newExpand
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Collective Development in Open-Source Communities: An Activity Theoretical Perspective on Successful Online Collaboration
Online collaboration is often organized without strong predetermined rules or central authority, which is why coordination and ways of organizing cooperation become crucial elements of collaboration.Expand
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When Consumers Produce on the Internet: The Relationship between Cognitive-affective, Socially- based, and Behavioral Involvement of Prosumers
This article advances our understanding of the motivational sources for consumer involvement in online joint innovation. The ‘free’ or ‘open-source’ software movement is the largest socio-technicalExpand
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