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Syzygium cumini (L.) SKEELS (Myrtaceae) against diabetes--125 years of research.
Historical literature dating back to the pre-insulin era was evaluated as were more recent in vitro-, animal-, and in vivo studies, and it was concluded that a successful clinical study should use S. cumini seeds, seed kernels or fruit from India in fairly high doses. Expand
Antidiabetic drugs used in Europe prior to the discovery of insulin.
Which agents were most widely used in Europe in the pre-insulin era and why Syzygium jambolanum seed powder seems to be one of the most intensively studied antidiabetic agents of plant origin is explored. Expand
Centennial of Intravenous Regional Anesthesia. Bier's Block (1908‐2008)
The evolutionary history of both the injected drugs and the refinements of the technique are elaborated upon and August Gustav Bier's contribution to the repertoire of anesthesiologists is recalled. Expand
Vaccinium myrtillus as an antidiabetic medicinal plant--research through the ages.
Overall, it must be concluded that the results were more or less disappointing and could not support the traditional use of bilberry leaves against diabetes mellitus which is sometimes recommended even up to the present day. Expand
Market entry, power, pharmacokinetics: what makes a successful drug innovation?
Historical market data relating to pharmacokinetic (PK), pharmacodynamic (PD), and other drug-related properties are used to investigate which derivatives within certain drug classes have been most successful on the market and suggest naming the most successful drugs 'overtaking innovation', because they often exceed the market share of all the other derivatives. Expand
The history of electrotherapy of pain--or: what Voltaren has to do with voltage.
It is suggested that the electrotherapy of pain in history is a background for chosing this trademark Voltaren or Voltarol. Expand
Apple cider in medicine.
Beans and diabetes: Phaseolus vulgaris preparations as antihyperglycemic agents.
It seems that Phaseolus preparations should not be considered the first choice in phytopharmaceutical treatment of diabetes or lead structure research, and beans might be more useful as food components in preventing or ameliorating type 2 diabetes. Expand
Traditional use of medicinal agents: a valid source of evidence.
The true meaning of the word 'tradition' is described, while reliable historical sources are quoted and it is shown how research into the traditional use of medicinal plants is able to reveal knowledge about efficacy and safety of natural products. Expand
Tripterygium wilfordii Hook. f. - how a traditional Taiwanese medicinal plant found its way to the West.
The plant was named according to the Linnaean system before 1862 what initially concealed its medicinal properties which had to be re-discovered in the second half of the 20th century. Expand