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Meeting Spiritual Needs: A Study Using the Spiritual Care Competence Scale
ABSTRACT: Healthcare literature suggests that many nurses fail to address patients' spiritual needs and/or identify signs of spiritual distress. A study was conducted to explore whether nurses in aExpand
Deconstructing the Normative Boy in Pre-school and School and in Masculinity Research
The aim of this paper is to discuss and challenge the heteronormative and stereotypical descriptions of boys and masculinity in the Swedish debate and in research about boys and schooling. By takinExpand
Teaching reflective care in Japanese early childhood settings
ABSTRACT The purpose of this article is to explore the way preschool teachers teach reflective care in Japan. The article builds on a two-month ethnographic study conducted in Japanese kindergartensExpand
A strong commitment: conforming a school identity at one compulsory faith school in a disadvantaged area
ABSTRACT The focus of the present study is on how educators and students create a ‘sense of belonging’ and school identity. The ethnography was carried out at an independent Christian school withExpand
Male preschool teacher students negotiating masculinities: a qualitative study with men who are studying to become preschool teachers
ABSTRACT The overall interest is to understand how men who study preschool teaching negotiate masculinities. Earlier research shows how male teachers negotiate masculinities when being in andExpand
Understanding Poverty: Teaching Social Justice in Undergraduate Nursing Education
Aim: This article presents results of an exploratory qualitative study examining gains in empathy and social justice beliefs among undergraduate nursing students. Background: As undergraduate nursingExpand
The influence of social support on the rehabilitation of women with spinal cord injury: experiences recounted by occupational therapists
Abstract Objective: Women with a spinal cord injury (SCI) often require support from others to perform their everyday activities. The aim was to describe OTs' experiences of how social support fromExpand
‘Don’t be Such a Baby!’ Competence and Age as Intersectional Co-markers on Children’s Gender
The aim of this paper is to show how norms about age intersect with gender and thus create social positions about incompetent and competent children. The paper also analyzes the relationship betweenExpand
A struggle for equity