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Characteristics of a miniature compartment-less glucose-O2 biofuel cell and its operation in a living plant.
We report the temperature, pH, glucose concentration, NaCl concentration, and operating atmosphere dependence of the power output of a compartment-less miniature glucose-O(2) biofuel cell, comprisedExpand
A miniature biofuel cell operating in a physiological buffer.
A glucose-O2 biofuel cell, consisting only of two electrocatalyst coated 7-mum diameter, 2-cm long carbon fibers is reported, generating in the period 0.9 J of electrical energy while passing a charge of 1.7 C. Expand
Electrochemical glucose sensors and their applications in diabetes management.
This chapter should acquaint the reader with the fundamentals of the electrochemistry of glucose and provide a perspective of the evolution of the Electrochemical glucose assays and monitors helping diabetic people, who constitute about 5 % of the world’s population. Expand
Miniature biofuel cells
The history of electrochemical power sources shows that batteries or fuel cells were introduced only when the development of new electrical or electronic system demanded these. At this time, theExpand
Electrical Connection of Enzyme Redox Centers to Electrodes
  • A. Heller
  • Chemistry, Materials Science
  • 1 March 1992
Abstract : Electrically insulating proteins can be made redox-conducting through incorporation of a high density of electron relaying redox centers. Electrons diffuse in the resulting redoxExpand
Electrical Wiring of Glucose Oxidase by Reconstitution of FAD-Modified Monolayers Assembled onto Au-Electrodes
The study of direct electrical communication between reaction centers of enzymes and electrodes bridges fundamental work on electron transfer through proteins and practical work on biosensors.1,2Expand
An oxygen cathode operating in a physiological solution.
The electroreduction of O(2) to water under physiological conditions with immobilized electrocatalyst enabling the reduction is the electrostatic adduct of bilirubin oxidase from Myrothecium verrucaria and poly (N-vinylimidazole) complexed with [Os (4,4'-dichloro-2,2'-bipyridine)(2)Cl](+/2+), cross-linked on carbon cloth. Expand
The absolute potential of the standard hydrogen electrode: a new estimate
Essai d'estimation de l'echelle absolue a l'aide d'une methode qui deplace le probleme de la couche dipolaire superficielle hors de l'interface electrolyte-air et le focalise plus sur le solide
A four-electron O(2)-electroreduction biocatalyst superior to platinum and a biofuel cell operating at 0.88 V.
A miniature single-compartment glucose-O2 biofuel cell made with the novel cathode operated optimally at 0.88 V, the highest operating voltage for a compartmentless miniature fuel cell. Expand