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Driving simulator sickness: Impact on driving performance, influence of blood alcohol concentration, and effect of repeated simulator exposures.
Simulator sickness is a major obstacle to the use of driving simulators for research, training and driver assessment purposes. The purpose of the present study was to investigate the possibleExpand
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Comparison of driving simulator performance with real driving after alcohol intake: a randomised, single blind, placebo-controlled, cross-over trial.
The purpose of this study was to establish and validate a driving simulator method for assessing drug effects on driving. To achieve this, we used ethanol as a positive control, and examined whetherExpand
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Ethanol and drug findings in women consulting a Sexual Assault Center--associations with clinical characteristics and suspicions of drug-facilitated sexual assault.
The purpose of the study was to describe toxicological findings among women seeking health care after sexual assault, and to assess the relationship with so-called proactive DFSA (drug facilitatedExpand
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Post-mortem levels and tissue distribution of codeine, codeine-6-glucuronide, norcodeine, morphine and morphine glucuronides in a series of codeine-related deaths.
This article presents levels and tissue distribution of codeine, codeine-6-glucuronide (C6G), norcodeine, morphine and the morphine metabolites morphine-3-glucuronide (M3G) and morphine-6-glucuronideExpand
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Two Hospitalizations and One Death After Exposure to Ortho-Fluorofentanyl.
Two young males were hospitalized with miosis and respiratory dysfunction after exposure to a white powder obtained from a foreign source by mail. A few days later, one of the males was found dead atExpand
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Quantification of 21 antihypertensive drugs in serum using UHPLC-MS/MS.
BACKGROUND Poor drug adherence in hypertensive patients can lead to treatment failure and increased cardiovascular morbidity, as well as increased costs to society. An analytical method based onExpand
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Prolonged elimination of paliperidone after administration of paliperidone palmitate depot injections.
To the Editors: Paliperidone (9-hydroxy-risperidone), which is the pharmacologically active main metabolite of risperidone, has recently been approved for use as an antipsychotic agent on its own,Expand
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Evaluation of measures of impairment in real and simulated driving: Results from a randomized, placebo-controlled study
ABSTRACT Objective: Standard deviation of lateral position (SDLP) is often the primary outcome in experimental studies on impaired driving. However, other measures may be easier and more practical toExpand
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Serum Concentrations of Paliperidone After Administration of the Long-Acting Injectable Formulation
Background: The pharmacokinetics of long-acting intramuscular paliperidone in a naturalistic setting is not well documented. The objective of this study was to investigate the relationship betweenExpand
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Medikamentell behandling av alkoholabstinens
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